Wednesday, June 20, 2018

ATM Artists founder Amy Thomson launches one-week crash course in the music business | Music Business Worldwide

Amy Thomson, founder of ATM Artists and widely-respected artist manager, is personally launching an educational course to pass her music business knowledge on to the next generation.

The London-based series of lectures, ‘Mind Your Own Business’, will launch in October this year and run for five days back-to-back (Monday, Oct 22 – Friday, Oct 26).

The course promises to give applicants a crash course in areas of the industry including live promotion, streaming royalties and record label contracts.

Thomson, best known for her management of Swedish House Mafia and DJ Snake, as well as orchestrating marketing campaigns for Kanye West, is giving away all proceeds to mental health charities.

Thomson told MBW that the inspiration for the launch is two-fold: her 18-year-old daughter struggling to find a course offering a valuable enough education in the business, and Thomson, as an employer, being yet to discover “a course I would be happy to see on a CV”.

“This is about us finding the next game-changers and giving them a voice.”

Amy Thomson

“I’m going to cover all of it: owning your masters, working with streaming services, understanding what contracts you are signing and what you are owed, through to how to build and budget a live show,” said Thomson.

“We’ll also cover licensing a record, how to sync, how to budget and why you must trademark your artist worldwide.

“I want to offer enough for people to understand the basics – and perhaps see one area they want to focus on in the future.”

She added: “I’ll also be running workshops for people to present their approaches. This is about us finding the next game-changers and giving them a voice. I am pretty sure I will learn more than what I teach.”

Thomson says that, should the course prove to be a success, she will run four of them a year in the future.

She added that the course is already over-subscribed, but that she was hoping to welcome “freethinkers and trouble makers”.

The week-long course costs £995. For more details and to register click through here.Music Business Worldwide


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