Thursday, May 10, 2018

YouTube launches expanded music charts in 44 countries | Music Business Worldwide

YouTube has launched a Trending Chart to provide a snapshot of the most popular artists, songs and music videos on its platform – while relaunching and expanding its existing charts to 44 countries.

Based purely on numbers of views, the new charts are now available in destinations like Japan, Germany and Brazil, as well as the US and UK.

The Trending chart is updated multiple times a day and is YouTube’s first dedicated external list featuring the most viewed new music on the platform.

Candice Morrissey, Head of Music Partnerships, EMEA at YouTube said: “YouTube Charts are a reflection of the most diverse platform for music content in the world.

“YouTube Charts are a reflection of the most diverse platform for music content in the world.”

candice morrissey, youtube

“The YouTube platform is a powerful source to gauge the popularity and velocity of a song or video, so we’re excited to showcase the success of artists, whether they are emerging stars or perennial chart toppers.”

The changes come hot on the heels of Billboard updating its Hot 100 singles and Billboard 200 albums chart to give greater emphasis to paid subscription streams.

On the Billboard Hot 100, video streams on YouTube previously counted the same as audio streams from services like Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon.

Now, paid subscription streams from premium tiers on streaming services represent a full point value per play, whereas ad-supported streams (which include YouTube) have been downgraded to a 2/3 point value per play.

The Billboard 200 albums chart will continue to exclude video streams.

Billboard first introduced YouTube numbers into its singles chart three years ago but recently changed the rules amidst concerns that acts were unfairly hitting No.1.

That conversation started after a video featuring a clip of the chorus of Post Malone’s ‘Rockstar’ played on repeat helped propel it to the top of the chart.

According to YouTube, the update means that ‘Billboard is saying the music fans that count are those with credit cards.’

YouTube’s Top Songs chart, updated weekly on Sundays at 12pm PST, highlights the number of views a track has.

It’s calculated by combining different versions of a song including the official music video, licensed UGC content and lyric videos.

Top Artists highlights the most popular artists on YouTube based on the total views of their entire discography.

That covers official videos, licensed UGC content, live performances, remixes, lyric videos, album tracks and collaborations. It’s also updated on Sundays.

Finally, the Top Music Videos chart celebrates the most viewed official music videos.

More charts, countries and more information about songs and artists is expected to roll out soon on the platform.

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