Monday, May 28, 2018

The Cod Cakes | Lefsetz Letter

Felice is into delivery services. It started a few years back with something called “The Fresh Diet.” Little containerized portions of food, you were guaranteed to lose weight, and possibly swear off food all together, that’s how bad the taste was.

Since they delivered every day, and sometimes we went out to eat, there were oftentimes meals left over. She’d ask me if I wanted one. I’d rather starve. They were bland and…

The company went out of business. Holding a good chunk of Felice’s cash. You see no one’s figured out food delivery yet. Companies are constantly falling by the wayside.

Then came the Munchery. I’d read about it, gotten a discount flier.

The Munchery food is actually pretty good. But the dinners are all balanced, you pay for carbs you don’t eat, like potatoes. You don’t eat potatoes anymore, do you? Or rice? My nutritionist calls them “filler foods.” My good buddy laments that no one will go with him to the new pizza place in Brentwood, it turns out I’m not the only one who’s sworn off pies.

Yes, we’re concerned about what we eat, it’s the national obsession.

Kinda like politics.

Hmm… Is it only left-wingers who feel this way? Are all the right wingers addicted to Chick-fil-A?

I’m not touching that one.

Although I’d be dishonest if I didn’t say I loved junk food. Fries (as long as they’re not of the dreaded “steak” variety). And I’d love to be Oprah, with a private chef, serving up delicacies with few calories and few bad elements, but alas, I am not that rich.

And then Felice discovered Instacart, they do your shopping for you. And despite feeling it’s too bourgeois, that I can do my own damn shopping, it really doesn’t cost much and if you’re sitting at home lamenting the journey to the grocery store…

They’ll go to Ralphs, Whole Foods, even Gelson’s. But even better, they’ll go to Costco, even if you’re not a member. I’ve become addicted to Vitamin Water, of the Zero variety, you don’t drink drinks with sugar, right? That’s how we separate the educated from the uneducated (see above). And Costco’s imitation, VitaRain, is almost as good, and with different flavors, I mix and match the two.

And then in a recent “Fast Company” there was an article about a new delivery service, “Methodology.” Felice bookmarked it, e-mailed them, they said they were coming to our area.

And last week they did.

Another food delivery service, but…was it diet-oriented? You need real food, with real taste. But it turns out that Methodology seems to have gotten the memo, their dinners don’t have the dreaded carbs, you can get a plastic tray of protein with two vegetables, just like a westsider wants.

But I was wary.

Until I tried one.

They could use a little seasoning. But…it’s almost like I’ve got a personal chef.

I need some variety, I keep eating the same damn things. And now I’ve got something new.

And although the dinners come in plastic trays, like the dreaded Fresh Diet, the rest of the items come in little jars. That’s right, glass. Like we’re in the 1950s. And they’ve all got cutesy names, along with heating and caloric information. And the cod cakes were called…

“The Codfather.”

With the subtitle: “Wild Cod Cake.”

Now for a long time I wouldn’t eat fish. My dad would come home from the monger with salmon or swordfish. He’d have this tennis racket contraption he’d put over the coals to cook it. But I wouldn’t eat it.


That’s right, I wouldn’t even eat fish sticks, which we had in school every Friday, with no other choice, when religion still impacted public school education, when Tuesday afternoon was “religious release time.”

And I’d see the Morton guy with his raincoat on TV, but no way I was partaking.

And then I flipped.

I always liked shellfish, but now…

So when Felice asked me if I wanted her to heat up some cod cakes for me, I said YES!

Now it’s been an unnaturally cold spring here in SoCal. I know, the sixties don’t sound cold elsewhere, but on Memorial Day weekend?

And it’s been gray. And…

Well, not exactly east coast Cape Cod weather, but when I dug into the Codfather…

My taste buds were titillated and my mind drifted back to the sea, a stiff wind and blustery weather, I like when the elements get riled up.

And on the way back from the baseball game last night we were listening to the Beatles channel on Sirius. And it reminded me how different it was back then. There was only music. And the people who lived through that era expect it to be the same today, but it’s not.

And the people who lived through the nineties and aughts are waiting for some new gadget, when everything’s really about software.

And software is how you hook up with Methodology. Maybe you should try it.



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