Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Instagram To Add Music To Posts, Code Reveals | hypebot

InstagramInstagram is planning to launch new features that allow users to add music, according to an analysis of code found within the Instagram Android app. The reveal comes just days after Instagram announced that it had teamed with Spotify to post the tracks they were currently listening to Stories.


Facebook's plans for bringing music to its platforms after recent deals with labels and publishers are beginning to take shape, and Instagram users are among the first beneficiaries.

Days after announcing  a new partnership to allow users to share what they’re listening to in Instagram Stories or Instagram Direct straight from Spotify, comes a report from Techcrunch that code within the Instagram Android app points to more new music related features.

New “music stickers” will let Instagram will let users search for and add a song to posts, thanks to recent licensing deals with record labels  and music publishers made by Facebook.  The photo sharing app is also reportedly testing a feature to automatically detect the song the user is listening to and display the artist and song title as a "visual label."

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