Thursday, May 24, 2018

Ethiopia Habtemariam-This Week’s Podcast | Lefsetz Letter

She’s a force of nature.

This was recorded live in Santa Barbara at the Music Media Summit, more episodes from that conclave will be transmitted in the future, but first we have Ethiopia, who stunned us all, going from first generation American to President of Motown Records.

Her name started coming up in conversation. First with David Renzer, then Steve Barnett. Renzer worked with her at Universal Music Publishing and Barnett was telling me how she was instrumental in the success of Migos and I knew we had to have her in Santa Barbara.

You’ll hear everything here. The struggle to make it. Her journey from Atlanta to New York to L.A. Her views on the music. And most fascinatingly, what it’s like to be a woman in today’s music industry. My favorite part was how she “checks” men who cross the line.

You’re gonna love this.

She opened our eyes.

She’s gonna open your ears.

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