Thursday, May 24, 2018

8 Crowdfunding Campaigns To Keep Your Eye On And Why | hypebot

2Crowdfunding can be a tricky needle to thread in any industry, and the music business is no exception, but if you can make your campaign stand out, your chances for success become that much greater. Here we look at eight crowdfunding campaigns that are exceptional for one reason or another.


In this recent post from MusicThinkTank, Jeremy Young focuses on eight different crowdfunding that the modern music entrepreneur can learn something from.

"Six years ago, drummer Jason Barnes lost his arm in a work accident. As an amputee, his lost ability to do the thing he loved the most in the world — play music — caused a mountain of depression. Through resilience and willpower, he attempted to build a makeshift prosthetic arm that could hold a drumstick so that he could continue playing, but this only got him so far. So, after being introduced to technical engineers at Georgia Tech that would ultimately go on to design and build a custom “smart” arm specifically for drumming, his life would change forever."

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