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10 Reasons You Should Join Us At ASCAP EXPO Right Now [Kosha Dillz] | hypebot

image from pmcvariety.files.wordpress.comKosha Dillz reports from the ASCAP 'I Create Music' Expo: "There are many people to meet here. I reconnected with my old bassist, I got tons of free candy from the sponsors, and I was recognized by tons of friends. Also because I write for Hypebot, I got a really cool pass that lets me frolic around."

From from Kosha Dillz:

he ASCAP 'I Create Music' Expo has many benefits if you are a hustler of various sorts. There are tons of things you need to see here and if you forget that its going on there is one more day. I wanted to give you a run down of things happening tomorrow and today and the best things that have happened to me, that way you know not to miss it next year or tomorrow or wherever you are.

Lets check it out!!  

  1. One on One sessions: Everyone knows it can take years to get meetings with A n Rs. Many of us never get them. They are actually all here waiting for us. You can even meet the people who place music in Call of Duty and other TV shows. Basically anyone is allowed to come and meet people and sign up. You can’t get a free call of duty game but if you got your music in Call of Duty that would be epic. 
  2. Meeting epic creators  I can’t imagine to tell you there are hundreds of producers here looking to collaborate. I met a 53 year old woman @beach_moomz who makes music and a guy named Doug Deluca  (@delucadoes) that also makes sick soul music. Next thing you know I bump into some cool guy with long hair and he is Jason Evigan.
  3. Megan Trainor- If you are all about the bass and want the in this place come see Megan Trainor and think you have a shot at singing for her or rapping for her you can actually do that. Here is your big chance to ask her any question your heart desires.
  4. Come get a deal (on equipment)  - No reason to go to Sam Ash or  Guitar Center.  You can get apogees right here from a nice guy named Sebastian and meet the people of Pro Tools as as well as a slew of headphones and microphones and other things I don’t know how to operate…yet! 
  5. No one is a dick - Its true guys. I have yet to meet one bad person. Everyone is pretty nice. That is what happens when you weed out the crap with a entry fee. People are excited to be here because the idea of collaborating is exactly what is fostered from ASCAP. People creating together. Don’t think of it like the conferences. This is a nice LA area, with a cute shopping mall attached, and its very sunny. 
  6. Find yourself a publicist , manager, or DIY - Interested in writing a hit song and can’t find the right person. Come to ASCAP. I literally met 4 managers in the hall way who knows tons of people , and everyone else is nice enough to introduce you to someone else who does cool things. 
  7. I ran into DMC of Run DMC - Believe it or not, i wasn’t the only rapper there. There are tons of talented people, but the fact that you can bump into DMC of Run DMC in the elevator is quite the sign that you need to come on down to ASCAP. WTF. he was just there hanging out.
  8. Creativity Galore - I met a guy running around with something that said @Sickluggage that literally is a piece of luggage that was blasting my music. (it was my idea) But none the less, this guy was just creating content and footage on his “sick luggage” and now I am writing about him because I was emotionally moved. 
  9. Panels - Panels are important and learning is even important. I saw Billie Ellis talk about and Morgan from Ride or Cry chat about Emo Nite with a guy from yellow card.  Songwriters are speaking about things that they usually don’t share but this time it feels genuine.
  10. Unlimited free stuff - I entered like 8 contests today to win $4000 worth of studio equipment and got a life time worth of free Music Connection Magazines. Coming along for all those is worth atlas $83 bucks itself! 

Sure there are all the reasons to go to your regular job tomorrow. You can hunt down that stuff or take some time to come to the place that will set you up with enough connections to last you for years. I love the ASCAP expo. Its like a festival but not, and its close enough to reality for me where I can enjoy the true fruits of my labor. If you aren’t there now, plan to come next year. Zoom in on all hashtags and locations and find these people via twitter and Instagram. Its a great follow up to your SXSW season.

That’s all for now. I gotta go to bed so I can get there tomorrow for more schmoozing.

Kosha Dillz is an independent DIY hip hop artist that will be rapping all summer on Vans Warped Tour. Find him on Facebook and Instagram and every other place on the internet, including and spotify . If you have questions about life or anything , email him at

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