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The Craft of Making Sound Business Decisions | Evolvor Media

Businessmen tend to make decisions on a daily basis, and some of them are pivotal to the success and growth of their company. This constant struggle causes and puts a lot of pressure on them. Acting on a hunch or a whim is certainly a risky proposition. Instead, most entrepreneurs try to rely on cold facts. The only problem is that they are not always readily available, and what is more, sometimes the findings are rather ambiguous. So, the best shot you have is to do the homework and explore all the avenues, even if this may seem time and energy-consuming, which, to tell you the truth, it often is.

Keeping the options open

The decision-making process is actually a matrix of different avenues and many intersections. There is rarely only one dilemma to solve. Furthermore, the most obvious choice is not always the soundest one. One has to identify alternative courses of action every time. Therefore, to get the ball rolling, list them and then add all the factors that potentially affect their outcome. Once that is sorted out, weigh each one of them. You can assign scores according to the relevance of factors. Sometimes, it is a quite a minor detail that tilts the scales.

Through it all, try to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. They mostly relate to the temptation to rush, avoid, or procrastinate decisions. You see, timing plays a vital role because realities and conditions can change fast. Not making a decision at the right moment or not making it at all can undermine respect, trust, and reputation. What is more, you should never overestimate the information you receive from others. Of course, experts’ opinion should always be taken seriously, but try to evaluate whether there are some biases, prejudices, or selfish interests at play.

Going the extra mile

It is crucial to gather all the information regarding everything that impacts and shapes your business. Today, there is a vast ocean of information to tap into and we have no shortage of cutting-edge tools to extract and analyze the relevant information. Yes, you can and should read business reports and financial statement. It also pays off to ask around and hear what advisors and managers have to say. But, to really dig deeper and obtain actionable customer and market data, you might need the help of analysts and data scientists.

Namely, you can outsource these tasks and hire companies that provide media monitoring services. That way, you will gain deeper insights into your media data and assess your competitors’ media profile. This vital data empowers business organizations, enabling them to improve their customer service, better tailor their offerings and fine-tune their marketing campaigns. Ultimately, it holds the power to advance business goals, solve problems as they arise, and deliver real value to the company. So, take responsibility and get educated.

Furthermore, note that the way data is presented can really make your life easier. Most companies use graphs, charts and models, although there some other, less common tools. If you want to compare the pluses and minuses of different options, then a T-Chart is a nice way to do it. On the other hand, those who want to throw statistical analysis in the mix can utilize the Decision Tree Model. There are some other useful methods like Pareto analysis that streamline the process when faced with the task of prioritizing many decisions. Familiarize yourself also with cost-benefit, conjoint, SWOT, and PEST analysis.

Ahead of the game

Running and managing a business revolves around an ongoing series of decisions. The ability to make the right call makes the difference between great success and miserable failure. So, always grasp the weight behind every decision as well as possible implications. Collect all the facts that could determine the outcome. Take all the positives and negatives into account before taking the plunge. Do not play catch-up: plan ahead and always react promptly. Using the steps above, you should be able to navigate the decision labyrinth and move forward with confidence.

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