Tuesday, April 3, 2018

How Musicians Can Use Pandora AMP, Next Big Sound To Build An Audience | hypebot

1In this piece Chris Robley of CDBaby details how artists can utilize the tools and data provided by both Pandora's Artist Marketing Platform as well as Next Big Sound to market their live shows and new releases.

By Chris Robley of CDBaby. This first appeared on their DIY Musician blog.

Making the most of the tools and data provided in Pandora’s Artist Marketing Platform and Next Big Sound.

I’ve mentioned before how cool I think Pandora AMP is, particularly the Artist Audio Messages tool.

The video above is a Pandora webinar that talks about how you can use AMP to support:

  • Single Releases
  • Album Releases
  • Tours and Live Shows
  • Additional Initiatives

Check it out for a great overview of the available tools and camapign strategies, including Artist Audio Messages, Featured Tracks, and more.

Use your data on Next Big Sound.

Next Big Sound provides a whole range of analytics you can use to inform your career decisions — from tour routing, to the allocation of marketing dollars, to where you need to step up your social media game.

Earlier this month, Next Big Sound announced another great insight: Weekly Performance.

Here’s what Pandora/Next Big Sound said about the launch:

As we meet with artists, the two main questions they ask about data are: “What do my numbers actually mean?” and “Am I doing well?”

The answer is all about context and expectations. This new feature gives an artist context around their engagement metrics. It illustrates how an artist is performing on different platforms compared to all other artists with similarly-sized audiences on each of those platforms. It currently includes Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Log into your Next Big Sound account today to see a bunch of useful information, including the “heat map” — which shows where (geographically) your music is over and under-performing compared to similar artists.

What’s been the most useful tool or data point for you within Pandora AMP or Next Big Sound? Lemme know in the comments!

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