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Call Tracking and How It Can Help Boost Your Business’s Marketing Efforts | Evolvor Media

Being able to talk to someone from a business or a company is essential for customers, whether they are using the Internet or not. Their voices and opinions still matter, and that is why conventional practices used for getting customer feedback is still essential. Compared to modern digital methods, answering your consumers’ phone calls is still effective because many customers still rely on calling a business’ number to inquire about a product or to ask for assistance.

Applying Call Tracking to Your Business

boost your businessAside from email marketing, online forms, and social media websites, customers provide feedback through the phone. They often call businesses to ask questions, seek help, or provide their input on a company’s products or services. Although most enterprises take this for granted, it is best to utilize client phone calls and make them work to their advantage.

Businesses can apply call tracking to their marketing campaigns to gain more access to their customers’ feedbacks and demographics. It can also help in determining which marketing campaigns work. If you are unfamiliar with the term, call tracking means you track your customers’ phone calls using a software.

A number is assigned per marketing campaign that you launch regardless if it is offline or online. Each number is forwarded to your primary business hotline. Transmitting each call to your main business number allows your employees to answer the customers’ calls like it was dialed directly on your line. Through call tracking, you can assess and compare the traffic generated by each phone number linked to each marketing ads. Through this process, you can learn about how effective your marketing campaigns are and how much business they are bringing in.

How Call Tracking Boosts Businesses

jarsCall tracking is more than just tracing your consumers’ calls to your marketing ads. It helps bring more value to your business, and it can help you provide better services to your clients. Call tracking helps businesses:

  • Concentrate on specific marketing efforts: Since each number is assigned to a particular marketing campaign, you can determine which of your marketing campaigns are effective. It enables you to know how much leads they generate and how much traffic they can attract. You can concentrate on the effective ads and stop funding marketing campaigns that do not work.
  • Save money: Since you can eliminate marketing efforts that are not working, call tracking can help save your business money. Instead of funding ads that are not generating enough leads, you can stop paying for them and use the money for your other business processes.
  • Understand customers: Through this process, you can understand your target market better. You can have an idea of what kind of customers they are. You can also gauge what influences their buying patterns and what kind of products or services they want and need.
  • Improve customer service: With the help of call tracking, you get to understand your customers better. As a result, you can provide better customer service. You can answer your customer inquiries faster, you can attend to more clients, and you can personalize your service based on the type of customer on the line.

If you need assistance in implementing call tracking to your business, Fone Dynamics can help you. By using this software, you can easily track phone calls to your marketing efforts to assess which ones you should continue with and which ones you should stop.

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