Wednesday, April 4, 2018

5 Tips To Boost Your Spotify Streams Legally | hypebot

1With Spotify now becoming one of the best ways to showcase new music, artists are eager for ways to get their music on the platform and quickly see results. Here we look at five different avenues for getting your music into the ears of potential fans via Spotify.


Guest post by Manuel MANTU Overbeck of 1st Strike

Ask your fans, friends & family to add your song to their private playlists right at the beginning. Do a competition and motivate them to playlist your song. Even the smallest playlist counts.

Pitching with your distributor
Ask your distributor to pitch your song to the "New Music Friday" Playlist of your country. Also do some research and find out in which other (bigger) playlist your song would fit and tell the distributor as well.

Make sure that those playlists are hosted by spotify from your home territory. 

2Share every playlist 
Share every playlist your song got added to and tag the curator to show you appreciate and promote.

It‘s a very important step to build up a strong relationship with the playlist curator. If you connect on a good level it’s a win-win situation since his main goal is to have a successfull playlist that gets promoted and yours is to be part of that list. 

Pitch "Non-Spotify" Playlists
Find 3 private playlists that fit your music and then find out the contacts of the curators through social media to pitch your song. Offer to share and promote their playlist when they add your track. Slowly build up a relationship but don’t be too pushy. They get too many requests every day. After they included your track and it happened that you got some outstanding promotion results (Sales/Radio Charts, Massive Video Plays,...), it’s ok to tell them so they might give you more playlists or move your track higher. 

Own playlist  
Start putting together your own playlist and share it. You can push your own songs and offer other playlist curators to exchange tracks. Build up a playlist network.

Thats all for now. Probably not for long, everything always changes fast and I will keep updating you with more interesting facts every other month.

 For a decade now MANTU has been active in the music industry as an artist and manager. His various steps from major to underground labels provided a wide range of diverse experiences, from playing in some of Berlins deepest basements to massive commercial artist campaigns. Today he’s managing 1st Strike, his own imprint which offers several services such as management, promotion and publishing.


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