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Your Marketing Plan Is Your Future - Do You Have One? [Cyber PR] | hypebot

image from frontburnermarketing.netRising above the chatter is one of the most important and difficult problems faced by any music marketer or musician.  But the task becomes far less daunting if you have a marketing plan.  Here, Ariel Hyatt shares how to create one.


by Ariel Hyatt of CyberPR

STEP #1: Set Your Goals (Short term / Long term)

When approaching a plan start with where you see yourself in 18 – 24 months and work backwards

Add goals for every 3 months 3, 6,9,12-month, etc.

If you are a newbie at Social Media consult an expert to establish reasonable growth goals for your niche.

TIP: While you are at this don’t skip goals for your personal life too! As a wildly busy entrepreneur, it can be really easy to allow work to take over your life plans – so build your life into your plan as much as possible.

STEP #2: Identify Your Niche & Leaders in it!

Choose 3-4 to start and get granular!

Remember “Rock star” is not a niche but Gluten-Free Rock Star sure is! :-)

Once you have identified each one, look for the thought leaders in each niche.

Look at what other thought leaders are doing and picture yourself collaborating with them (instead of competing!)


STEP #3: Create Your Signature Story

Start with: Why is the reason I want to do what I do?

Does it come to you because you saw someone in your life / family suffer and you could solve the problem?
Does it come from divine inspiration?

Do you want to change the world by helping people?

What’s your mission behind wanting to tell your story?

TIP: Make sure you can tell your story in all formats – short (think about a tweet), medium (think about a Facebook Post) and Long (think about your website or a talk)

TIP: Our Team Can Write one for you if this is not your forte. 

STEP #4: Create Your Customer Archetype

Start by giving yourself at least a full hour to really think this through! Nailing this is key!

If you get stuck or if this all feels like too much we would be delighted to write a full marketing plan for you.

  • Name, Age, Gender
  • Married, Single, Parent
  • Where do they live?
  • Where do they vacation?
  • How much money do they have (income)

Write down as much information as you possibly can about your ideal customer in her / his own voice.

STEP #5: Build / Revamp Your Website w/ A Blog

For Step 5 I’ll say these 5 things ;)

1. Use Wordpress

2. Don’t spend more than $1,500

3. Link your socials

4. Keep it updated every week

5. Make sure your brand carries across the whole site (and socials)


STEP #6: Attend To The 6 Rooms of Your Social Media House (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog, Pinterest, and Your Newsletter)

To help you spring into action, I have put together this bulleted attack plan so you can work your way down the list and implement!


Outline your desires, angles, news, updates and content strategy (remember to diversify your content and NOT just self promote).

Optimize your Facebook Fan Page & Personal Page (if you use it for promotion) to more effectively brand, and market to your customer base and obtain deeper engagement.

Create relevant status updates for your Fan Page and interact with fans on your behalf. Cross populate blog posts and Tweets.

Monitor Insights (analytics) to make sure status updates are posted at optimal times, e.g. when followers are most active and responsive.

Strategize on special opportunities such as contests, newsletter sign up drives, E for M (email for media), or similar widgets and charity tie-ins.


Think about your tweet angles, news, updates and content strategy (mix it up!).

Add hundreds of new followers each month – find people you like and see who follows them then run down the list and follow all (don’t think!).

Tweet updates based on your personal interests, and angles (charities, politics, hobbies, etc.).

Ensure followers are engaged with you by sending @’s, RTs, and DM’s.

Use to monitor analytics to make sure tweets go out at the optimal times, e.g. when followers are most active and responsive.

Strategize special opportunities such as contests, newsletter sign- up drives and charity tie-ins.


Go over your desires, angles, news, updates, and come up with a content strategy to create content (i.e will you need to hire a videographer etc.) and calls to action

Drive views to your channel by cross-populating your videos onto your Twitter, Facebook, and blog.

Engage all of your new followers and ensure that you are following, subscribing and having two-way conversations when they leave comments
Strategize special opportunities such as contests, newsletter sign- up widget and charity tie-ins.


Schedule a monthly strategy session with yourself to organize and integrate your likes, interests, and unique story so that your online voice and brand gets communicated effectively on your blog.

Create ideas that you want to blog about that are relevant, consistent, and tie in with your overall brand and message.

Ask fellow peers to write guest posts to add on a biweekly or monthly basis (depending on desired strategy).

Drive views to your blog by cross posting links onto your Twitter and Facebook pages and pin them on Pinterest.


Pinterest is retaining and engaging users as much as two to three times as efficiently as Twitter.

Engage with potential fans on this addictive platform but repin what they post, repin at least 10 images a week


If you don’t have one commit to starting one. Write it every month and focus on adding new people every month. Use Mail Chimp. It rocks.

Social Media Pyramid

STEP #7: Create Consistent Compelling Content (3 C’s) Follow my social media pyramid to guide you on posting and choosing effective assets.

Here’s to a powerful fall and a new invigorated marketing plan for you!

PS: If you get stuck or if this all feels like too much we would be delighted to write a full marketing plan for you.


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