Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What "Entrepreneurship" Really Means For Musicians: Looking Towards The Future | hypebot

4Here we explore how to apply a re-thought definition of entrepreneurship and put it into practice, as well as how it can help artists and art leaders prepare for the future of the changing music industry.


In this third installment from MusicThinkTank examining what entrepreneurship really means for musicians, Nicholas Patrick Quigley delves in the application of a re-thought definition for entrepreneurship.

"The artistic side: how, why, and for whom will you be making music 20 years from now? The best-remembered composers, songwriters, and performers were absolute game changers in their respective fields. This fact behooves us as artists to hold fast to our impractical visions, and focus on macro-level goals, rather than simply the next gig, premiere, or residency. These may be important steps on a pathway to bigger goals, but we should take care to not lose ourselves in mission drift while working on smaller parts."

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