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Top Music Blogs For Learners | hypebot

Fan-dataWhile the internet is rife with countless excellent music blogs, artists just getting started in learning about music and the music industry benefit more from certain sites than others. Here is look at list of the top music blogs for those looking for some guidance and to grow their knowledge base, and Hypebot is proud to be #1!



Guest post from Melody 4 Purpose


If you’re someone who has just started it in music or someone who’s think about doing it, you definitely need some guidelines and stuff to follow so that you know what path you’re walking on. There are thousands of great music blogs out there, but do you know which ones are best to read at your stage? Obviously you don’t have time to read all of them find best ones for you.

That’s why we’ve picked some really good music blogs that’ll help you smooth up your journey. Here’s the list of them:

1. Hypebot

Hypebot is full of useful information and knowledge giving articles. It has got some really well written posts about music industry and news. If you are someone who has a keen interest in making it into music business, you’ve found the best one for yourself.

2. Ditto Music

Ditto music really supports independent music. It is a treasure for you if you want to know how you can make your name out there on your own. This music blog has articles about music marketing, technology, upcoming opportunities, music business, promotion and what not. Honestly, it’s my favorite. You MUST check it out.

3. The Music Entrepreneur HQ

David Andrew Wiebe, who’s the author and owner of this website, really knows and can tell you in all ways possible how you can apply business mentality to every step of your musical journey. This blog has articles on some major problems which every others musician faces. This guy can help you remove all those hurdles from your life.

4. The Unsigned Guide

The Unsigned Guide is loaded with helpful information and articles for Band and Artists. This blog is also filled with upcoming opportunities that musicians can take advantage of. You can get to know about how you can show your music to potential audience and gain a large fan following. After all, as the name suggests it is all for the unsigned artists.

5. Pitchfork

Pitchfork is one of the world’s most popular independent music blogs as its tag line suggests- “The Most Trusted Voice In Music”, with new articles every day about music reviews, features, videos and events. It is more of a news than an advice blog. Pitchfork is the place to go to find out the latest happenings from across the world of music.

6. Consequence of Sound

I would not be lying if I say that this website has got something for everyone. No matter what kind of music you listen to, you’ll love this blog the second you visit it. Consequence of Sound is a big name in Music Blog Business and why would it not be. You can find Top/Best of articles, news, music reviews, products, podcasts and much more.

7. Turtle Tempo

If you love nothing more than independent music, Turtle Tempo has got you covered. This UK-based music blog received a Top 25 Independent Music Blogs award, and you’ll know why when you visit it. Loads of updates, quick top-5 picks every Friday, New Music, Top Performances lists, and artist interviews are just some of the features you’ll find here. The focus is on unsigned, independent, and alternative artists, who are welcome to submit music.

8. EDM Nations

If you are a fan of Electronic Music, this place is a must check out for you. They’ve got services, features, interviews, new, reviews and much more. You can get your music heard thorough this platform. From city to city, from country to country, from continent to continent, it brings together all EDM lovers from all nations of this globe.

9. Popjustice

If you are someone who can fight the world for pop music, this place will feel like home to you. Pop justice is a very renowned music blog. They’ve got some really interesting articles that you’ll love to read. And also in their forum you can find many informative posts which can even help you with your musical career.

10. Melody4Purpose

At last but not least, it’s Melody4purpose. Only motive of this blog is to help musicians in any way possible. 1 January 2018 is its birth date and since then I am doing my best to keep posting good content that can solve problems and provide value to musicians of all levels. All the article here are written keeping in my and real world experience in music. Check out for yourself. I am sure you’ll find something that’ll interest you.

What do you think about these blogs? Let me know in that comment section down there. Hope you liked this article.

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