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How To Recover From SXSW (Or Any Festival, Conference) | hypebot

Kosha Dillz"This still needs to be read because there is a pain in my neck that didn't exist," write indie rapper Kosha Dillz as he returns from his 10th SXSW.  "I need to let you know that there is life after horrible wi-fi, flirty business texts and hope for new business. In fact how can we make that all happen? The best way is to take care of yourself. My mouth hurts, I lost my car keys. I still haven't shaved."


Sxsw-logo-horizontal1. Go the gym and steam and sauna

I find it hard to get back in the gym after so many days. A good shvitz ids necessary and drink lots of water to knock out all that alcohol or soda and carbs you gained along the road. Add shaving and brushing as well, and maybe even a teeth cleaning. 
2. Run at least 3 - 4 miles
There is something ok with a 2 mile run, but once you break into the 3-4 mile run you begin sweating at another level. The key thing to do here is sweat, so now you can really get out what you put in.
3. Write a song
I know you are probably worried about your expenses and catching up to business. Make sure if you are an artist write a song. If you a producer make a beat. If you are manager or a lawyer, get your client to do something. Keep moving forward. 
4. Clean your apartment 
I know your personal life is a mess, but that doesn't mean cleaning your apartment isn't!  Take the initiative to be clean and that iewll help you get everything in order. If your house is in order, your life will be too, especially with work.
5. Schedule More Meetings
Meet up with people. Don't let the bliss go! I am getting people together to go over our emails and our contact we created and it is the best thing to do!! Lets keep it all together.
6. Make Phone Calls
Sometimes quietness can keep us in a depression. If you can pick up the phone and call anyone you need to, just call the people in your phone. Catch up and tell people how it was from SXSW, and maybe build up steam to make the calls you need.
7. Write your own recap on your website.
To relive the the best moments, why don't you make listicle blog for your own content and keep creating. I am doing this for Hypebot, but also for my own site. I need to do this to keep the material out there. Don't let memories die right in front of you!
8.  Help someone at a Live concert by this weekend.
You already went to 80 concerts last week and are burnt out. Well people are still on tour and bands still need help. This Friday I'm headed to Janelle Kroll's sold out El Rey show just to help out with merch and keep me busy. I fall into such deep depression of "what next?" I know I need to keep busy. When the opportunity arrived in my text today, of course!! I can't wait to help. If it keeps me out of my house than it is perfect :) Whatever I need to do to help...I'll do it. Helping others helps me too.
9. Enter all your emails in your business cards from SXSW.
Don't let them just fit there. Go through it all and make sure you make a spread sheet of everyone. You will need to say hey eventually, and better to do it when you have it fresh in your mind.
10. Reach out to someone youhaven't spoke with in a while that I care about 
I know that it doesn't matter to you so much, but I need to call my dad or mom after a while. I need to call my cousin who I haven't seen in 6 months, and also need to reach out to the people I told them I would help. I realized that for 9 days I didn't do that and it affected me spiritually and financially, so I want to reach out.  Nothing fulfills my spiritual bank account more than speaking to someone I truly care about.
After a couple good sweats and knocking down your to do lists, you should be back in the swing of things. Let me know how it goes. Don't stay in bed and read need to be up , out there, and crushing it!!
Kosha Dillz just finished his 10th official year at SXSW and curated 2 showcases, including performances from the likes of Janelle Kroll, Turquoise Jeep, Fat Tony, Magic Bronson, Fragile Rock, and Trinidad James. He tours a lot and is currently recording a new EP. You can listen to his music on Spotify. Troll him on Instagram or Twitter.  Write to him at
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