Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Guiding A Music Career Through An Evolving Landscape | hypebot

image from www.candyshopmanagement.comCandyShop Management co-founders John Mathiason and Antony Bland join co-hosts Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert on this Music Biz Weekly podcast. They share some great insights on how they've helped pivot and guide the finances and careers of their artists through the ever evolving landscape of music revenue streams.

John and Antony are both also incredibly passionate about education, and specifically educating artists and up and coming managers.

Collectively the two have over 50 years of music industry experience and since their start in 2009 have navigated the careers of a number of incredible artists and currently represent The Rocketboys, The Mowgli’s, Lincoln Durham, Monakr, Kid Runner, TeamMate, Baby Baby, The Wealthy West, Radar State, Split Party and Friendswithbenefits. I

n addition to their management roster the company launched CandyShop Records, a new venture with Kobalt to provide digital record releases and marketing on fair terms without future restrictions on artists’ careers. Artists with releasing with CandyShop records include the Rocket Boys, Plasmic and Monakr.




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