Friday, March 9, 2018

Google Adds Direct Posts From All Musicians To Search | hypebot

Google Search postsGoogle has added a free and powerful marketing tool for musicians to its hugely popular search results. Now, when fans look up a musician, they can also find updates directly from the artist inside the Search results' Knowledge Panel.



Google Search posts

Musicians can now message fans within Google Search by adding images, videos, GIFs and text posts to search results inside their Google Search Knowledge Panel. 

"Google and YouTube's goal is to support and empower artists across the board,"  Lyor Cohen, Global Head of Music at YouTube tells Hypebot. "Giving artists the ability to manage how they show up on Google when fans are searching for information is critical, so I'm really pleased to see this new feature be made available to artists worldwide."

Google Search's Knowledge Panel sits to the right of desktop search results and at the top of mobile searches. Fans can know if the updates are from a verified musicians if there is a blue checkmark next to the artist's name.

This new feature is rolling our worldwide to all search users and to any musician whose search results include a Google Search Knowledge Panel.

How To Get Started Posting In Google Search

First, do a Google search for the name you want to claim, click on the little sentence under the Knowledge Panel asking if you manage the online presence, and follow the instructions.

It usually takes a minute or two, and once verified you can start posting immediately. 

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