Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ents24 launches tool to recommend both festivals and personal line-ups | UNLIMITED | CMU


Live entertainment guide Ents24 has launched a new service that not only recommends festivals to users, but also suggests what acts they might want to check out while at a tipped event. The new tool takes some information from a user and then crunches Ents24’s vast data pool to make the recommendations.

The company’s Adam Brooks says: “Fans can find it hard to know where to start, given the huge amount of choice on offer at both a festival level, but also, with hundreds of – often new – acts to choose from, at a line-up level. Find Your Festival solves these problems, and gives festivals themselves a new way to generate awareness, excitement and engagement around their events. It presents their line-ups to fans in the most appealing way – by tailoring them to the individual, one fan at a time”.

Meanwhile Ents24’s Chief Architect Dr Mark Wood adds: “Rather than simply asking ‘What festival has the most acts this person said they like?’, Find Your Festival goes deeper. It draws on what we know about different acts’ fans in relation to one another to draw conclusions, rather than stopping at a list of bands a fan has told us they like. It also isn’t limited to simply naming a festival – it suggests a shortlist, and then re-frames the line-up of each festival, to show the bands that are most likely to appeal to a particular fan”.

You can check out the Find Your Festival app here. Meanwhile Ents24 is one of the companies taking part in the CMU Insights AI Conference at The Great Escape in May, with its team discussing how they are utilising years of user-data to power apps like this one.

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