Monday, March 12, 2018

Clickamix Launches Pre-cleared Music Platform For Sports | hypebot

cheerleadingClickmix believes that unlicensed use of music in sports is a $670 million untapped revenue stream. As a solution, the startup has launch the first pre-cleared music licensing platform for sports that also allows music mixes in competitions.

ClickMix logoThe average sports mix contains 4-8 pieces tracks and the music is used illegally in almost 95% of instances. 

Clickmix, which currently has 5,000 tracks from 60 rights holders on its licensing platform, is working to educate the music industry about a new revenue stream and encourage compliance within the sports industry.

An initial focus for Clickamix is cheerleading. In a 2015 lawsuit, Sony Music sued a music producer in the Cheerleading industry who illegally used unlicensed music. In May 2016, the USA Governing Body for Cheerleading stated that teams need a license to use commercial music, but then misinformed members about how music should be licensed.

Cheerleading is practiced in over 90 countries around the world.  It is estimated that cheerleading's US market alone could generate more than 1 million licenses and over $18 in million revenue. That number increases to $50 million globally. 


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