Thursday, March 15, 2018

Bankrupt iHeartMedia owes over $35m to music companies | Music Business Worldwide

US radio giant iHeartMedia filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US yesterday – and we now know which music companies it owes serious money.

A filing made in Texas earlier today (March 15) reveals that the radio network owes millions in unpaid royalty and licensing fees to a host of music rights owners and distributors.

The debt totals $38.4m and includes the following itemised creditors:

  • SoundExchange $6.4m
  • ASCAP $1.4m
  • BMI $1.4m
  • Universal Music Group $1.3m
  • Warner Music Group $3.9m
  • Global Music Rights $2m
  • Nielsen (which provides charts to Billboard and other data services) $20.8m
  • Spotify $2m

It also has outstanding debt of $5.6m owed to radio broadcasting rival Cumulus Media.

The company is struggling under the weight of a total of $20bn in debt, but told investors Wednesday (March 14) that it had agreed a restructuring deal with the holders of more than $10bn of this figure.

See below for screenshot from the creditors’ filing in Texas, which you can read in full through here (creditors are displayed on the final pages).

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