Friday, January 19, 2018

Spotify Says Ads In Premium Were A Mistake | hypebot

Spotify new rectangleYesterday we reported that a number of  Spotify users were upset about an ad showing up in their playlists., even though they had paid for ad-free Premium service.  The ad was for Spotify's own podcast, but that didn't matte.  "Spotify, I will not pay to listen to ads. I dumped cable and I will dump you too," wrote one.

Spotify has not responded to user inquiries, but the streamer has now issued a statement saying it was a technical glitch during some tests, and the ads should never have been inserted.

“This was a promo for a Spotify podcast called ‘Showstoppers.’ We were testing new ways to promote this in the Spotify client around relevant playlists,” a company spokesperson told Techcrunch. “It should not have appeared for Premium users.” 

MORE: Spotify Premium Users Report Ads In Playlists

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