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So You've Created A Music Video, Now What? | hypebot

2While creating a music video may seem like enough work itself, having a finished product doesn't mean your done, and having a proper release strategy will often make or break the success of your music video. Here we look at proper way to roll out your new music video.


Guest post by Raquel Dixit of the Symphonic Blog

So, you have just created your music video. The song is just right and the edits could not get any better.

You’re hyped up to release it but WAIT, RIGHT THERE!

The hard work is not over yet! While the music video may complete or in the finishing stages, it’s important to use the correct release strategies. In order maximize your success we have come up with some guidelines to follow when it comes to releasing your next music video.

We’re here to help with your music video release strategy.

Choose Release Date

1When it comes to picking the release date of your music video, it is super important to not rush the process. While it is all very exciting and you may feel pressed to get it out ASAP, do not make that your priority. The planning involved should allow for some time to do appropriate promotions online. By doing this you are only adding to the suspense and creating a larger hype around the release date.

Give your fans something to look forward to! Also note that this should be something you coordinate with your marketing team and management.

Consider reviewing the times of day that your fans are most active on social media and save the date!  Using algorithms from your Facebook page or business Instagram account is a  great way to find this kind of information.

Promote that Sh*t

Okay social media gurus, now is your time to shine! Promoting your release is key to building up a hype and creating a larger following prior to releasing the new video.  By including all of your social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) you can expand your promotion efforts to the largest obtainable audience.

Your goal should be to maximize engagement, meaning fans are liking, commenting, and reposting your content. From teaser posters to creative online statuses, the sky is the limit when it comes to promoting your video. Consider using contest giveaways to increase user activity and don’t forget to use the same hashtag throughout!

Press Coverage and Ads

While you can get a fair amount of promoting done through your own social media channels, it can never hurt to get a little back up from the pros! When considering press options, it’s important to review your press list and carefully select media outlets that you find most beneficial to this particular release. This means analyzing past albums, genres, and videos that they have been apart of the release process for to get an understanding about their general audiences.

When considering advertisement options, most users look to YouTube and Vevo to find the option most suitable for their release. Depending on your budget and other promotional needs, you can spend around ten dollars and already have a thousand people viewing your content!

Keep the Good Times Rolling!

While the initial release date may be one of the most exciting parts about your new video, it’s important to ensure everlasting hype around your new video or any content you release as an artist. By continuing to promote weeks, months, or even years after the initial release means more exposure to fans and more money for you.

For example, you can post on your social media pages when your video reaches a certain amount of views, thanking those who helped you make it to where you are now! Not only will this type of content keep your fans interested while you are in between releases, it will also help you continue to profit from royalties!


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