Thursday, January 18, 2018

How To Make Your Stage Presence Memorable With Fantastic Fashion | Music Think Tank

The best musicians in the world are known for their catchy tunes, powerful vocals and incredible instrument skills. They’re also frequently known for their mesmerizing stage presences. If you’re a musician who wants to captivate audiences at upcoming shows, your style can contribute to your overall stage presence. Eye-catching fashion and strong stage presence often go hand in hand for musicians.

Take Advantage of Striking Colors

Color can make life a lot more interesting. If you want your outfit on stage to make a strong impact, it can help to take advantage of striking colors. You can combine vibrant colors with more muted and understated ones, too. Don’t be afraid to hit the stage in bright red, electric blue, or pale yellow. If you can’t experiment with colors on a stage, where exactly can you do so? Colors aren’t the only way to delight the eyes, either. Some of the coolest musicians are flashy folks who aren’t afraid to test fashion boundaries. Don’t be afraid to play up your look with sequins, rhinestones and embellishments in general. Performing music in front of an audience is all about showcasing your imagination at its finest.

Gravitate to the Classics

Legendary actor James Dean wasn’t a musician, but he certainly was cool enough to be one. He had the whole “brooding and mysterious” concept down to a science. If you want your stage presence to be worthy of mention, it can be nice to go with the tried and tested classics. You can emulate James Dean’s timeless, enduring, and effortless appeal by wearing plain white T-shirts and jeans. You can even throw on a leather jacket. You get bonus points if the jacket is older and has taken on a worn and tired appearance too. So many genuine rock stars have made leather jackets staples for their musical performances. You can follow their tradition by wearing them yourself.

Accessorize with Dramatic Jewelry Pieces

People who perform music tend to have big personalities. They’re often described as being larger than life. If you want to put your grand personality on display, accessorizing can help. You can accessorize with the assistance of jewelry from one of many boutiques in Utah to enhance your look. Musicians who are going for understated and simplistic looks frequently wear basic necklaces around their necks. Musicians, on the other hand, who are interested in a bit more intensity frequently wear chunky and heavy bracelets. They often prefer gold and silver as well. Gold and silver can look great on the stage. They’re both hard to miss.

Wear Clothing that Feels Right to You

You don’t ever have to “try too hard” as a musician. People can spot authenticity from a mile away. That’s the reason the most beloved musicians never wear clothing that simply doesn’t feel right to them. If a certain fashion approach feels awkward to you on the stage, you should abandon it right away. It isn’t uncommon for performers to complete shows wearing the same outfits they wore the night before. Life on the road can be tiring and overwhelming at times. It sometimes doesn’t leave musicians with time to change much less worry about their wardrobe choices!

Examine Your Outfit Choices Carefully

If you want to feel confidence in your outfits on the stage, ask someone to take photographs of you in action. This can help you assess how you truly feel about your stage clothing choice. Do you like the way you look? Is your style coming across loud and clear to everyone? Seeing photographs can help you make future stage attire choices.


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