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Practical Venue: How To Run A Successful Music Hall | Music Think Tank

Running a music venue is one of the most exciting jobs that you can do. You’ll get to meet lots of musicians and take a central role in your city’s art scene. Here’s how you can succeed at managing your venue.

Find Your Niche

What kind of music are you going to book? You need to decide if you want to focus on a specific genre or book an eclectic mix of bands. At the very least, you should make sure that each night’s show has bands that fit well together. The size of the venue and the style of the local music scene will generally dictate what kind of music you book. Look online to figure out what bands are popular in your area and try to book those acts.

Keep Ticket Prices Reasonable

There are a lot of expenses associated with running a venue. You need to pay the bands and the staff. There is inventory to keep stocked, such as the bar and food. On top of all that, there are several forms of insurance to pay for. No matter how much the expenses stack up, you need to be aware of your ticket price. Keep tickets cheap enough that you don’t overprice your own market. Look at other venues to see what they charge. You need to sell a lot of tickets to keep your venue afloat.

Manage Your Bar Responsibly

You should operate your bar by the letter of the law. You don’t want any of your attendees to get pulled over and receiving a DWI for driving drunk. Professionals, like those at The Law Offices of Schiro and Zarzynski, know that if this happens, they will need to secure the services of an attorney to represent them in court. Do your best to stop intoxicated people from getting behind the wheel of an automobile.

Invest in Great Sound

Music venues exist for one main reason, and that’s sound. Compete on sound quality with other venues in the area. People will come to your location again and again if it sounds fantastic. This is one of the best ways to develop a steady audience for your shows.

It takes experience to become great at running a venue. You can use the tactics from this article to get a jump start on growing your audience. If you can build up some interest about the local music scene, you’ll be able to make a lot of money with your venue.

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