Friday, December 1, 2017

Distribution And Label Service Company Ditto Music Expands | hypebot

2One of many music aggregators out there, Ditto  is growing to become one of the bigger players in distribution and label services, and has been rapidly expanding to become one of the major player in digital distribution along with companies like TuneCore and CD Baby.


Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0

There are plenty of music aggregators that will get to songs to all the streaming platforms, and Ditto Music is one of the least expensive ones. At $19 a year for unlimited uploads, it’s hard to go wrong. The company does so much more though, as it’s becoming a bigger player in “label services,” and that’s called for a rapid expansion as it’s recently opened new offices in Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, France, Argentina, Chile, India, Canada, South Korea and Spain.

It wasn’t that long ago that Ditto opened up a US office in Los Angeles to go along with its operations in the United Kingdom, Australia and throughout Europe.

While digital distribution is the core of it’s business, the company also offers other services that indie artists used to have to go to a record label for. It offers social media, video promotion, PR and publicity, radio promotion, and release strategy services, so an indie artist truly can maintain indie status while receiving the same business help that a record label formerly provided. While record labels also make these services available for a fee, they’re usually much more expensive than Ditto.


The company is used by over 80,000 artists globally, and has recently partnered with Paramore’s Farro and Kid Cudi, and signed The Killer’s Mark Stoermer to a worldwide deal. Ditto Music also worked with both Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran in the early stages of their careers.

The advantage of using outside label services is that you can employ high-level expertise in various areas that are difficult to learn yourself. While these services do cost money, buying them is definitely more efficient than the DIY route, since the learning curve can long.

While the two big digital music aggregators continue to be CD Baby and TuneCore, companies like Ditto Music and Distrokid are rapidly gaining traction thanks to not only price, but those additional services as well.


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