Sunday, November 5, 2017

Must See Video: @SenJohnKennedy’s Blistering Questions for Facebook | MUSIC • TECHNOLOGY • POLICY

Beware of country lawyers.  U.S. Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana nailed Facebook’s smarter-than-thou lawyer during a hearing on the utter failure of Facebook, Google and Twitter to stop their platforms being leveraged by foreign intelligence services.  In addition to his many other qualifications and educational accomplishments, Senator Kennedy was a volunteer substitute teacher in the New Orleans public schools–sufficient training for dealing with the Valley brats on display.


Your rubles are no good at Facebook.

Senator Kennedy boxed Facebook’s counsel Colin Stretch into claiming under oath that Facebook could not profile by name and personally identifiable information–which is, of course, false.  They may have rules they may have the much vaunted policies, but you’d be a fool to think that the company couldn’t put together a profile by name for their own use if Facebook wanted to, regardless of whether they sold that information to an advertiser.  The eponymous Mr. Stretch seems to think we believe otherwise.

Yes, Mr. Stretch, you have to watch those country lawyers like John Kennedy.  They’re just not as smart as ya’ll city fellers.

It’s all over except the boloney.


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