Monday, October 9, 2017

What is BlockChain and How Can BlockChain Help Musicians & The Music Industry | hypebot

image from zimriiwebsite.azurewebsites.netThis week co-hosts Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert are joined by Mo Jalloh Co-founder of Zimrii Music to discuss BlockChain technology. We answer the question what is BlockChain in the simplest terms possible.  We also explore how can BlockChain help musicians and the challenges it is facing.

The emerging use of BlockChain technology is starting to get traction in a number of industries including financial and music. Zimrii Music is a startup based in Sydney, Australia developing a BlockChain enabled global music platform based on:

  • Copyright assertion on the BlockChain
  • Crowdfunding and innovative ways to reward a musicians fans through assignment of rights
  • Smart contracts
  • Live venue booking
  • Music Analytics

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