Friday, October 6, 2017

West One Music Group launches new record label, Little Assembly | Music Business Worldwide

West One Music Group, best known for providing production music to global media companies, has launched a new record label that promises to “preserve artists’ flexibility and put them in control”.

Los Angeles-based Little Assembly was was announced today by Edwin Cox, Creative Director and President of West One Music Group and Adam LeBlanc, Head of A&R, Little Assembly.

The label – which also operates as a publisher – will focus on emerging artists.

It says it will avoid ‘locking artists into multi-product, exclusive recording contracts’, by operating on an individual release-by-release basis for a specific single, EP, album or product.

It will focus on emerging artists who are creating ‘progressive and experimental pop music, with strong identities and a unique vision’.

Little Assembly’s business operations will be overseen by Edwin Cox, who served as an elected member of the board of PRS (Performing Rights Society Limited) from 2013 through 2016.  Adam LeBlanc will serve as Little Assembly’s Head of A&R.

Services offered to emerging artists by Little Assembly include marketing, publicity, and distribution – in addition to sync licensing and playlist promotion to streaming platforms.

And it’s already hiring: Little Assembly is now looking for an LA-based Creative Licensing Manager.

“Little Assembly is an exciting new venture for us.”

Edwin Cox [Pictured, main]

Edwin Cox said: “We’ve learned that for artists to be successful, it takes a blend of opportunities. We’ve proved with our West One Music Group model that exposure and revenue go hand-in-hand.

“A successful song, for example, drives synchronisation, which drives royalty revenue, and vice versa. It’s simple to track the activity as the B2B and B2C worlds play off one another.”

Cox added: “Little Assembly is an exciting new venture for us. We’ve worked incredibly hard since 2002 to develop a global distribution network that benefits all our artists and composers across the group.

“Not only is their music pushed out to global collecting societies, streaming and retail platforms, but it is also delivered directly to internal systems within the world’s media.

“Last year, we launched a new search and discovery site – a B2B equivalent of Spotify. The system acts as the copyright and asset hub from which 500 diverse international destinations are served – this offers the widest possible distribution, and increases revenue opportunity for our talent, while significantly enhancing exposure.

“Throughout our workflow the key emphasis for us is ‘how we can utilise all the available verticals to help an artist break through the noise’.”

Adam LeBlanc added: “To develop the somewhat experimental sound for Little Assembly, we’re scouring the world for game-changing artists with a distinct point of view. These artists are passionate about their craft, and we are providing them with a platform to express themselves and celebrate their individuality.

“Supporting this creativity and collaborating with our talent is the foundation of Little Assembly. Through their music and image, these artists display compelling visions and identities, and we are here to help them gain the worldwide exposure that they deserve.

“Little Assembly is looking to relatively new techniques, for example, extensive Spotify and Apple Music playlist promotion to help drive discovery and engagement.

“Much has been said about Spotify playlisting in recent months, but for now, it remains a vital way to reach a new audience.”

Adam LeBlanc, Little Assembly

“Much has been said about Spotify playlisting in recent months, but for now, it remains a vital way to reach a new audience.”

West One Music Group’s production music offering is made up of eight independent labels in total.

Multi-disciplinary artist Anna Lann recently release her new EP through Little Assembly.

‘Moist’ saw its video premiere with NPR Music, who praised the ‘surreal blend of dance and visual art’ of the track.

Other acts releasing through Little Assembly in the coming months include: Adam Prince King, I, Us & We, Dana & The Wolf, No No Yeah Okay, and Eric Sharp.Music Business Worldwide


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