Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Universal Music allies with VR/AR firm | UNLIMITED | CMU

Universal Music

Universal Music has announced an alliance with Within, an LA-based start-up specialising in VR and its more interesting sibling AR, with the promise of “multiple immersive experiences” involving the mega-major’s artists. And who doesn’t like immersive experiences? Get immersed as much as you can, I say. These immersive experiences will be available within Within, the tech firm’s proprietary app.

Says Within CEO Chris Milk: “Music is one of the most uniquely transformative mediums of human expression; combining it with immersive AR and VR experiences creates a new artform exponentially more powerful than the sum of its parts. This partnership allows us the incredible opportunity to work with top artists at Universal Music to create ever more meaningful and expressive immersive music experiences”.

Adds Universal Music’s Michele Anthony: “We are huge admirers of Chris’s innovative and creative work in music and VR, as well as the premium experiences Within offers to music fans. Working with our labels and artists, Universal Music has produced numerous VR experiences and this agreement will help evolve our strategy. Together, Universal Music and Within will push the boundaries of how audiences experience music and create new ways for artists to forge deeper connections with their fans”.

So get ready to be meaningfully transformed, exponentially immersed, expressively pushed and deeply connected. I think. I don’t know. I kinda tuned out. VR, woo!

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