Friday, October 20, 2017

SACEM allies with DJ Monitor on dance music tracking | UNLIMITED | CMU


With my favourite of all the Amsterdam-based dance events, that’ll be the Amsterdam Dance Event, currently underway in, well, Amsterdam, later today French collecting society SACEM will take to the ADE stage to put the spotlight on the dance music business in its home country, having just produced a report called ‘Electronic Music In France’.

Ahead of that, the society has confirmed a new alliance with music recognition technology maker DJ Monitor to assist in the tracking of dancey tracks being played at clubs and events, to improve the payment of royalties on that music. SACEM says that its new partnership with DJ Monitor – which already works with a number of other collecting societies – will help it tackle “the unique challenges in identifying and distributing rights for electronic music artists”, which were outlined in the aforementioned new report.

Says SACEM boss Jean-Noël Tronc: “SACEM is committed to ensuring fair remuneration for artists in order to maintain a sustainable future for the music industry, and we are utilising the most advanced technology to achieve this. Our ‘Electronic Music In France’ study enabled us to identify the issues facing the electronic music industry, and we are confident that DJ Monitor’s technology will help overcome these challenges and maximise the value we can provide our members”.

Adds DJ Monitor chief Yuri Dokter: “We are delighted to be working with SACEM, an organisation that shares our understanding of the industry’s need for innovative solutions to promote a sustainable future for electronic music. DJ Monitor will assist SACEM … to identify electronic music through music recognition technology with incredibly high recognition – and implementation – rates”.


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