Monday, October 9, 2017

Returning To Music After An Extended Break | hypebot

Images (9)Maybe the dust has been collecting on that guitar in the corner, and you're feeling like it's finally time get back into the music game but are worried about how an absence might negatively affect your ability to pick up where you left off. Worry not - turns out a break can actually be beneficial.


In this latest from MusicThinkTank, Jennifer Paterson takes a look at what it can be like to get back into music after an extended absence.

"Actually, it’s very possible and many people have done it; some suggest taking a break can make you love it all the more. After taking music lessons as a child, or playing in the school band as a teenager, it’s common for adults to fall out of the habit of playing an instrument, only to return years later. It might not be quite as easy as riding a bicycle, but it’s probably easier than you think."

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