Wednesday, October 18, 2017

More Weinstein | Lefsetz Letter

From: David Rubinson

This is such bullshit. And I must say that your willing participation in the bullshit machine is disappointing.
The Weinstein plot is another way to attack the “liberals.”
And Jewish/Left Hollywood.
And to distract us from Trump’s total destruction of the planet and rational global structure, and his fundamental racism, and inhuman acts of pure vileness on the weak and helpless.
Everyone in the business knew and knows that this goes on, every day.
But- it goes on everywhere. In Broadcast News for damn sure. In the last year it’s been an avalanche of disclosure.
The Pope had to form a special committee.
And, certainly at the top of the list, the US Congress, among the very worst perpetrators, in recent times and throughout history.
Weinstein is all over the Pimp Media.
Dennis Hastert and Gen Petraeus walked.

List of federal political sex scandals in the United States

Weinstein is a glaring symptom, not the disease.


Methinks he’s right.

For those of you unaware of David Rubinson, he’s a record producer famous for Herbie Hancock’s “Head Hunters” as well as albums by Moby Grape, the Pointer Sisters and Santana, you can check out his CV here:

David Rubinson

But that’s a man of the sixties, one thinking for himself and challenging convention, seeing through the b.s. and separating the wheat from the chaff.

Harvey Weinstein is a very sick man. I won’t say any more for fear of getting it wrong and having the left wing excoriate me. Did you see Mayim Bialik get caught in the crossfire?

“‘Big Bang Theory’ Actress Mayim Bialik Defends Sexual Harassment Comments – Star accused of ‘victim blaming’ after writing op-ed about Harvey Weinstein scandal”

You’ve got to hew the line on the left. But the problem is we’re all human and we sometimes fail to clarify and even make mistakes but we live in a zero tolerance society on the left, and the right are laughing all the way to elected office.

Harvey deserves to pay the price. And there are women who will never recover from his bad behavior. But what is fascinating is the scandal blew the atrocity in Vegas right off the front page. We can’t figure out the shooter’s motive and Harvey’s story is much more salacious, so it dominates the news and conversation. I’m sure Weinstein is praying for a war or a shooting to blow him right off the front page. Because that’s how it works, you release bad news on a Friday when the public is tuned out and you hope that your misdeeds are superseded by those of another.

But what I’m thinking is how this plays in the heartland. Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most hated women in America. A laughable elitist to many. They don’t care if she paid a price. As for the rest of the Hollywood elite, the closest the hoi polloi can ever get to them is their Twitter feed, which oftentimes the stars don’t even write. So when you’re struggling to pay your bills in the heartland, the Weinstein story sounds like…

Self-satisfied, uppity white people preyed on by a fat Jew.

It’s great that the “Times” broke the story, kudos, but they keep piling on as they did after the Jayson Blair affair and Judith Miller’s bogus reporting. Meanwhile, did Fox or the “Wall Street Journal” do endless investigations of O’Reilly’s harassments? No, the right circled the wagons, tried to save Bill, and when they couldn’t, they replaced him with Tucker Carlson, who soon turned into a Mini-Bill.

First the right says we’re not taking Harvey’s behavior seriously, so we pile on and they continue to laugh as we destroy our solidarity, bickering amongst ourselves

I’m not saying sexual harassment is insignificant. I’m not saying that it’s limited to Hollywood. One can argue that Weinstein is an object lesson for all male/female relationships, that there’s harassment in the workplace everywhere.

But that’s not how those on the right see it. They see it as loudmouthed Jew in Hollywood. And when the news keeps talking about it, so do we.

So that’s where we are folks. We just gave justification to the white supremacists marching in Charlottesville. They said the Jews control the media and that’s what all the stories say, that Harvey used his power to not only win Oscars, but keep his behavior out of court and the press.

Meanwhile, the pussy-grabber in chief eviscerates these same right wing denizens’ health care and there’s nary a peep.

I laud the “New York Times” for printing both sides, but the truth is the right does not. The right is organized, it stays on message. One of the big messages is GOVERNMENT IS BAD! So government can’t fix Vegas and it can’t fix Puerto Rico and it can’t get it right with Harvey Weinstein.

So, you need to buy a gun and pay no taxes and take care of yourself.

Harvey Weinstein is done. Maybe execs in Hollywood will modify their behavior, let’s hope so. But I doubt the manager at Wendy’s will be affected. Because he doesn’t see himself in Weinstein’s league, he doesn’t think it applies to him.

So here we have it folks, the educated, left wing elite are piling on while the right kicks dirt on the whole thing. Mayim Bialik and Woody Allen didn’t get it exactly right and are beaten into submission while Puerto Ricans starve in darkness. Ever notice they’re both Jewish? Ever notice that the mayor of Chicago is also Jewish? And when they keep on talking about murders in that city the blame lies with Rahm Emanuel, who was born in America but has that foreign name?

The left thinks it’s winning.

But it’s not.

The left thinks it’s rooting out bad behavior.

But the right is amplifying faux pas while it circles its own wagons.

I’m not saying that Weinstein is innocent, that he shouldn’t be punished, but I am saying there’s a bigger game being played here, and the left is losing.


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