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How to Launch A High Ticket Lawn and Leaf Vacuum: An Interview with Cyclone Rake | Evolvor Media

When, How, and Why was the Cyclone Rake invented? What inspired the development of the product?

The Cyclone Rake was invented by Jim Whitney 20 years ago. Jim got tired of raking his leaves and thought that there must be a better way! After looking around and seeing that there were no better solutions to this age old problem Jim used his expertise in engineering to design a solution to the problem that has taken hours and hours away from allowing people to do the things they love.


Cyclone Rake isn’t the only lawn and leaf vacuum on the market. How do you separate yourself from the competition (both the brand and the product?

Cyclone Rake might not be the only lawn and leaf vacuum on the market but we are certainly the best. For starters Cyclone Rake has been innovating and working to continually improve our lawn and leaf vacuum for the last 20 years. We have multiple patents filed with the U.S. patent office that allows us to put proprietary technology into our Cyclone Rake, such as our miracle Impeller.  On top of that we assemble our rakes right here in CT, using only the highest quality materials.

In addition to our high-quality products, when people think of our Cyclone Rake lawn and leaf vacuum we want people to think customer service. We have over 10 Customer Service Reps available to answer your questions, and help with technical support, so you can not only feel great about the products that we sell, but the support we provide for those products.


This is a high ticket product that requires research before purchase. How do you capture website visitors and follow up with them on the road to the sale?

With all high ticket items, it is extremely important to the consumer that they feel comfortable giving you what can sometimes be up to a couple thousand dollars of their hard earned money.  We take that responsibility very seriously and that’s why we offer a risk free 1-year trial with our product.

When it comes to capturing website visitors we have a wide multimedia approach. On the digital side we focus on finding the keywords that we think our potential customers will be searching online. On top of our targeted digital ads we have both TV, and print ads where try to portray the benefits of the products to get them to our site, and once they are on our site they can look and digest the more technical aspect of the products.

As far as following up with our potential customers we have a very hands-off sales approach. We never want our customers to feel like we are pressuring them into a sale, or that we are pushy in our sales approach. We strongly believe that the benefits of the product truly sells itself, our goal is to be able to inform our customers on how the Cyclone Rake lawn and leaf vacuum works, and how it could positively affect their lives and let make them make the decision from there.


The Cyclone Rake brand is expanding with new products like the Compost Wizard. What else do we have in store for the company down the road?

In addition to our Compost Wizard, this fall we are re-launching our Cyclone SuperHauler, our brand new power wagon. Our new Cyclone SuperHauler will change the way you work. With unmatched power and versatility, this power wheelbarrow lets you tackle jobs you could never do before. Although it’s not much larger than a commercial wheelbarrow, it carries up to 800 pounds– many times the load. Amazingly stable and packed with power and incredible features, the SuperHauler will redefine how things get moved and jobs get done.

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