Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday’s Endnotes – 10/13/17 | Copyhype

Strong copyright protections in NAFTA renegotiations are needed to protect rights of creatives — Gale Anne Hurd, producer of such films and television shows as the “Terminator” trilogy, “Aliens”, “Armageddon”, and “The Walking Dead”, speaks up in favor of effective copyright provisions in free trade agreements in this op-ed.

U.S. Government, Hollywood Studios Weigh in on Dispute Exploring Reach of U.S. Copyright Law — The case is Spanski Enterprises v Telewizja Polska, currently on appeal to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. Besides extraterritoriality, the appeal raises the question of whether “volitional conduct” is required for infringement of the public performance right.

The Forgotten Origins of Copyright for Photographs — More excellent historical detective work from Zvi Rosen, who here presents an unsuccessful bill to extend copyright protection to photographs a year before Congress succeeded in passing such legislation.

Website blocking in Malaysia has reduced online piracy, says film makers body — According to the Motion Picture Association, traffic to pirate sites in Malaysia dropped 74% in the six months after the government initiated its sixth effort to block such sites in June 2016.

Re:Creating Reality: NAFTA, Dangerous Harbors & Unfair Use — Neil Turkewitz takes aim at a recent op-ed by the Re:Create Coalition, who is, in Turkewitz’s words, “no fan of copyright.”


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