Friday, October 6, 2017

EDM Magazine Acquired For $2.5 Million, Will Relaunch As Dance Music Trade | hypebot

EDM MagazineEDM, the electronic dance music magazine, has been sold for $2.5 million and will be turned into an “industry-specific trade” publication, according to its new owner, EDMtv founder Matt Bolton. 


EDM Magazine

Bucking a trend that has seen music and trade publications shuttered at an alarming pace, US dance music magazine and web site EDM (Electronic Dane Magazine) has been acquired for $2.5 million by EDMtv founder Matt Bolton. Former DJ Mag Editor Lesley Wright will helm the relaunched publication.

"Our intention with the magazine is to be an expert source for those who want substance, not fluff," according to new owner Bolton. "We will be diligent and purposeful in our coverage and are committed to reporting on all facets of the electronic music culture; the good, the bad and the sometimes, ugly. The magazine will be further defined by well researched business news and topical columns written by experts in their respective fields so that we educate as well as entertain."

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