Friday, October 6, 2017

Classical Clean Up #2 | MusicBrainz Blog

It’s time for our second Classical Community Clean Up! Since our first clean up of Debussy was quite successful, we are back for another!

Haven’t heard about our new favorite task at hand? You can read about our first clean up on the forums here. Come join us in paying a little special attention to classical masters!

This time around the community has chosen the late Romantic composer Gustav Mahler (who was quite the conductor as well!). We encourage you during this time to not only help the community clean up Mahler’s metadata, but to learn more about Mahler as well.

The clean up events officially last one month (but can be continued until they’re complete!) and are meant to utilize our community’s power to clean up our classical metadata. If you are new to MusicBrainz, to classical editing, or both, we have a whole tool box and plenty of advice, tips and tricks to share. We advise you bookmark the tool box–it’s quite helpful! Our team of classical music enthusiasts will also provide plenty of support on our forums, so come join us!

What we will work on:

  • Reviewing the existing works to make sure there are no duplicates and the information looks correct, and add any missing works (keep in mind while it is perfectly ok to add lost works, it’d be good to specify they’re lost so that people don’t accidentally use them on recordings).
  • Check the release list for anything that doesn’t follow the classical guidelines. Not only that should be fixed, but that’s a good sign of the recording and relationship info being incomplete too.
  • Check the recording list. The only recordings that should be here by the end of the cleanup are of Mahler himself as a performer (probably mostly this piano roll album). Anything else being here should have performer relationships added to it if missing, then the artist credits for the recording should be changed to list the main performers (you can use the relevant script for that). Try to fix the whole release the recording is on, even if it’s not all by Mahler! But in the case of a very large compilation, it’s always acceptable to fix only the Mahler content on it.
  • Add missing Mahler recordings! If you have enough info to add a Mahler release we’re missing, that’s always useful. Just make sure to try to add as much info as possible from the get go, so we don’t have to clean that addition up as well 🙂


Don’t know where to begin? Join us and ask, let us help you find a jumping in point! Here to another great month of Classical Clean Up with Mahler!


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