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3 Reason's To Use YouTube's Artist Hub | hypebot

1-aDsblOYr4qfZEb5XGfKVewAs an artist, your success is not only in your own best interest, but also YouTube's, as the success of artists using it also benefits their bottom line. Here we look at how musicians can utilize the video sharing platform's Artist Hub.


Guest post by Nicholas Salomone of DIY Musician

You’re reading this article because you’re an artist on YouTube, right? Well that’s good to hear! Because I’m going to tell you about something you should really be taking advantage of: YouTube For Artists.

Screenshot 2017-10-15 16.08.21YouTube wants you to be successful. Like, REALLY. And that doesn’t come from some beautiful, altruistic soft spot that YouTube has for its creators [Note: I’m not saying that soft spot doesn’t exist; it’s just that, you know, they’re a business]. The fact is, it benefits YouTube financially and as a brand when you succeed.

“So, what does this mean?”

I’m glad you asked. This means that YouTube provides creators with all sorts of tools and helpful advice to make them the best YouTubers they can be.

YouTube for Artists specifically caters to the YouTube musician.

It became apparent to us after the recent DIY Musician Conference that many of the artists attending were unaware of the YouTube Artist Hub (aka YouTube for Artists). It’s too good of a tool for it to go unnoticed, so here’s a quick intro:

1. Keep your thumb on the YouTube pulse

Firstly, it gives you a temperature gauge of the YT music scene with its real-time music charts. Which is a great place to watch your inevitable meteoric rise, let me tell ya.

2. Improve your YouTube promotion

It also gives insight into how to grow on YouTube as an artist and keeps you abreast of all the hip happenings in the music realm with frequently updated blog posts.

3. Get schooled (in a good way)

Finally, it surfaces useful learning opportunities for musicians on YouTube via one of our favorite YouTube features: The Creator Academy.

So take a second to peruse After all, it was made just for you.

Nicholas Salomone: A lifelong musician, tinkerer, and hopelessly optimistic entrepreneur. Currently, Nicholas spends his days contemplating the sanctity of intellectual property and digital rights as Senior Content ID Analyst for CD Baby.

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