Tuesday, October 31, 2017

21 Band Website Design Dos And Don'ts | hypebot

BzBlog_21-dos-donts-band-site-design_IMG01While you may be gaining success with your live shows and with and gaining local traction, having a place online that fans can turn to where they won't get lost in the ever rising tide of social media is important for sustainable growth as a band or artist. For this reason have a solid website is a must. Here we look at twenty-one dos and don'ts for good website design.


In this latest post from MusicThinkTank, Allison Sharpe of Bandzoogle specifies several essentials for creating a well designed and accessible website.

"Picture this, you’re at work and get a text from a friend to check out this new band they saw Saturday night. You get to the site and all of a sudden.. BAM! Their music starts playing loudly. You look around in a panic, then fumble with your mouse to click off fast before your boss hears. You probably won’t be going back to the site and by the time you get home from work, you’ve forgotten about them.

This is the same way your fans feel when you autostart your music on your site. If someone got to your site, they’ll want to hear your music, so let them control when they want to click play."

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