Friday, September 29, 2017

Russia’s Yandex Music does streaming deal with Facebook | UNLIMITED | CMU


Russia’s Yandex Music streaming service has done a deal with Facebook to allow users to share musical clips directly within the social network. It’s the first such partnership between Facebook and a Russian streaming platform.

One of Yandex Music’s main competitors in Russia is vKontakte, also one of Facebook’s main rivals there, so it should be a happy alliance.

Like similar deals the social media firm has done with Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Napster and KKBOX, the tie-up will see users of Yandex Music able to listen to tracks shared by their friends on Facebook.

In this case, users will be able to listen to 30 second clips that are available in the Yandex Music catalogue through Facebook itself, and then full tracks when they go to one of Yandex Music’s various apps.

Yandex Music is Russia’s largest local streaming service, with around 20 million users – with around 250,000 paying subscribers as of the end of 2016. It is owned and operated by internet firm Yandex – often referred to as ‘the Russian Google’. With the standard mix of ad-funded and premium tiers, an annual subscription costs around £21.50.


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