Monday, September 18, 2017

New music service offers free downloads with legal marijuana | UNLIMITED | CMU


A new service called Hi-Tunes has launched, bringing together marijuana and music downloads through the public’s unending love of QR codes.

A spin-off from legal cannabis brand Caviar Gold’s in-house record label, Hi-Tunes will sell pre-rolled joints that each come with a different QR code for the smoker to gain access to a free download. At least until Apple issues a cease and desist over that name.

“Hi-Tunes is music distribution through marijuana”, explains co-founder Scott McKinley. “We are giving artists their own branded marijuana lines to push. If they do well with joints and participate with stores in our Washington market, we will put out more products on that artist’s line, and we can get really creative and fun”.

One of the artists who has been convinced that this is in some way a good idea, Yoshi Gish, says: “Scott approached me in 2016 with the concept of selling music with marijuana. I was looking for something new, just like this. Records, tapes and CDs are now so slow and bulky compared to our network, but now a simple scan on a smartphone can connect people with my music. I feel cannabis can influence many new avenues of distribution”.

Taking this idea and running with it, McKinley adds: “Music used to sell sheet music, then records and record players, tapes and tape players, CDs and CD players, MP3 players – and now music has nothing to sell. We intend to change that by matching music with marijuana. Smoke this, listen to that. It’s a beautiful concept”.

Yes, using a product that is illegal in most places to distribute music in a format that is already in massive decline is definitely the solution to all of the record industry’s problems. Those QR codes are just the icing on the cake.


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