Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Live Nation launches Facebook Messenger bot | UNLIMITED | CMU

Live Nation

Live Nation has launched one of those Facebook Messenger bots I keep hearing The Kids talking about in a hushed, reverential tone on the bus.

Once the live giant’s bot is activated, you can have a little chat with it about gigs you might like to go to. It’ll even open up the Live Nation website within the chat app so that you can book the tickets right there and then. Let’s hope it doesn’t go rogue and start tricking people into buying tickets at hiked up prices on one of Live Nation’s secondary ticketing sites.

“Concerts are extremely social experiences, and we’re excited to introduce a concert discovery tool that embodies that social spirit”, says Chief Marketing Officer of Live Nation Concerts Lisa Licht. “Whether fans choose to interact with our new bot one-on-one, or get their friends involved in the planning, we think they’ll have a lot of fun finding shows to go to”.

The bot currently only works with events in North America. I just tried it out and my word it was so much social fun. I still feel giddy from all the excitement of pretending to book Jack Johnson tickets in Florida. Although a large part of that was the joy of knowing that – having not gone through with the transaction and being nowhere near Florida – I won’t actually have to see or hear Jack Johnson.


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