Monday, September 18, 2017

Income Inequality | Lefsetz Letter

How do they expect us to buy thousand dollar phones?

The left has a messaging issue. It also has too many elites who believe they worked so hard to get ahead that they don’t want to sacrifice anything they’ve got. As a result, the right’s disinformation campaign has triumphed. And the left keeps complaining a record they released a year ago should be at the top of the charts, even though it stiffed.

Watch Robert Reich’s explanation of economics.

Oh, that’s right, he worked for Clinton, he’s a bad guy, you can’t pay attention. Whereas the left keeps evaluating your ideas. That’s another conundrum. How the right won’t even look at the left’s ideas or media, while the left is subjected over and over again to the right’s opinion. The right has labeled the media biased to such a degree that we end up with false equivalencies. The left says the earth is round and the media amplifies the right’s perspective, that it’s flat, and therefore issues like climate change remain open questions, when they’re not.

And now, in the wake of the hurricanes, you’ve got the left begging the right to address the issue of global warming, but the right won’t do it, because the open question is baked into their viewpoint by inane commentators with an agenda and the reasonable righties in Congress are afraid to speak up for fear of being excommunicated, or primaried, which is the same damn thing.

So, if you watch Reich’s video, all of one minute and forty one seconds, you’ve got the time for that, right? In between posting on Instagram and watching YouTube? The second of seven economic fundamentals he utters is:

“Consumer spending accounts for 70% of all economic activity in the United States.”

And the wealthy can’t and don’t buy two hundred cars and go out for ten restaurant meals a night and utilize fifteen hotel rooms when they go on the road. So, if the middle class has money, it spends it, and improves not only the economy, but fattens the pockets of the rich.

And at this point the rich are not comprised of those who inherited their wealth, but those who made it. A consumer society definitely helps them.

But we’ve been sold the canard that the wealthier you make the rich, the better the middle class and poor do. So how’s that been working out?


But the right not only has its media-mongers, but an army of regular people who have been taught to fight back. They’ve been enabled with disinformation and they’ve been militarized. Look at what happened in Charlottesville. And the right’s response? ANTIFA! It’s like walking into a destroyed kitchen and having the eight year old perp point to his nonverbal baby brother and saying it’s HIS FAULT!

Or blaming the baseball loss on the shortstop who missed the ball and didn’t allow any runs to be scored instead of the home run hitter who forgot to tag the bases on his round trip.

This is the world we live in.

Because the right is organized, it gets the word out.

Whereas the left is self-satisfied and sits there and cries that it’s right while nothing happens. As their media organizations are so busy bending over backwards to appear fair that they let the right run away with the ball. The “New York Times” hires righty Bret Stephens and the “Wall Street Journal” hires lefty…

Oh, it doesn’t.

And now the right bitches that MSNBC is biased when we’ve been harangued by right wing b.s. for decades on Fox. Rachel Maddow wins the ratings war and all she gets in response is epithets. Think about that.

So we live in a country where the poor and those left in the middle class are alienated and falling behind and the left, although a better deal for them, doesn’t give them a seat at the table and we end up with…


Even worse, you end up broke.

So the left has to fight back. And what I mean by that is not yelling, but having a multi-decade playbook. Its own Federalist Society. A recognition that this is a war for the heart and soul of our country and if you don’t get your ideas out…

Robert Reich’s video couldn’t be more simple. Grade-schoolers could understand it.

But Republican Congresspeople want to cut taxes on the wealthy. And are getting away with it because they’ve got a bastion of blowhards spreading disinformation. We’ve got to keep hearing the story of how Rush Limbaugh said the hurricane was a hoax, until he fled by private jet out of Florida, hell, we kept on hearing about Hillary’s e-mail server. And no e-mail server scandal is gonna keep your ass safe when North Korea blows nukes into America.

Could happen.

Thank god the rich are immune, with their tax cuts.


We’re all in this together. Drop a bomb and we all suffer.

Leave most Americans without spending power and we all suffer.

But the downtrodden are the problem. They overextend, they don’t manage their money, they didn’t pick themselves up by their bootstraps. No investigation goes into hiring practices that leave everybody as an independent contractor sans benefits. Yes, the problem is TAKERS!

You’ve got to hand it to the right, they know how to deflect and point fingers.

So, when they gain power…

They can’t accomplish anything. They’ve achieved their goal. They rule. But it turns out their disinformed constituents love public benefits, like Obamacare and FEMA.

So, if you’re on the left, fight back. Post Robert Reich’s video everywhere. Don’t be a snowflake, and by that I mean, endure the blowback from the right, they’ve been trained, you need to toughen up and train yourself, because this is a war and you’re losing.

And it’s got less to do with guns and ammo than messaging.

The left feels it’s right and lays back.

The right keeps hammering the same old b.s. day after day after day.

Robert Reich-“The next time you hear someone say we need to cut taxes on the wealthy and corporations, mention these 7 economic fundamentals”:


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