Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Here’s How Your Radio Company Can Make Some Money This October | Hear 2.0

Every broadcaster is on the hunt for non-traditional revenue, right? Everyone wants to leverage their amazing audience attention and focus that attention on money-making opportunities that go beyond spots.

Well, here’s a groundbreaking opportunity for you to do just that.


It’s the season of Halloween. It’s also the season where local haunted attractions and Halloween stores want to spend money on radio. If you’re located in proximity to the big parks, then it’s a big time for Disney and Universal Studios Theme Park, too. All are decked out for Halloween and they have money to spend.

Here's how your radio company can make extra revenue this Halloween
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But what do you have to sell them besides spots?

What if you had an exceptional piece of on-air content tuned to the holiday that can serve as a benchmark for promotions for Halloween-themed advertisers?

It turns out I have just that piece of exceptional content.

This Spring, my entertaining and scary podcast series Inside Psycho (about the making of the Hitchcock Halloween classic Psycho) was released into the wild via my friends at Wondery. It debuted at #8 on iTunes and spent weeks at #1 in the Movies/TV category. It was a creative and popular success.

It’s a six-part series, two hours long. And despite its high iTunes rank, it’s safe to say that most radio listeners have never heard it and don’t know it exists. Fresh, original, seasonally relevant content that’s also monetizable.

Thanks to a special arrangement with Wondery, your radio brand can run some or all of this series if you agree to some basic revenue-sharing terms with Wondery. No up-front expense. It’s only available to one broadcaster per market. And only for a limited time.

So what would this look, er, sound like?

Well, even a music station can run this if you do so outside prime and establish it as a special Halloween event. That’s what I would do. 10pm on Halloween night, for example.

It would be sponsored in whole or in part by the Halloween category advertisers, and promos could run throughout October for the event that also serve as ads for the sponsor(s). So now you have an ad schedule plus significant added value. Meanwhile you keep your prime hours clean and focused on your core expectation.

Here in San Diego, there’s a premium theater that runs blockbusters all the time, but in October they rebrand the month as Hitchcock-tober. You may have a theater in your market doing that, too. Great potential sponsor.

Frankly, I don’t know why more native podcasts don’t end up on radio as regular shows or special features. It seems to me that it’s destined to happen. Great content is great content, no?

Why wait? October is coming. Can’t you hear that scary door creaking?

You know who can monetize podcasts on radio better than podcasting companies can online?

Radio companies.

Be unique and compelling in a way your digital competitors never can be.

If you’re interested, reach out to me and I’ll connect you with the amazing crew at Wondery.


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