Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Final Narcos | Lefsetz Letter

You’ve got to have faith in the system.

And we’ve lost ours.

That’s why Hillary lost, people wanted a change. Democrats have been good for the elites, but the downtrodden, not so much. The Dems were so entrenched in the system they couldn’t see reality.

And sure, the Republicans thwarted Obama’s every move, but they’re even worse, at least the Democrats just ignored the deplorables, whereas the Republicans kept on saying they were gonna deliver for them, when all they cared about were the corporations and the religious zealots.

Don’t you see? The boomers’ sold out their children’s future.

And they’ve been working the system ever since.

So the only people voting for Hillary were the party factotums and the practical people who saw her as the lesser of two evils.

Meanwhile, we got a duplicitous strongman spouting falsehoods and getting away with it.

That’s how distraught the populace is.

You don’t get it, do you. Then you’re just like the people in D.C. You’ve worked the system to your advantage. You’ve employed your education and relationships to make things work. But if you went to a state school as opposed to an Ivy, if you didn’t go to college at all, you’re screwed.

Meanwhile, everybody without a wealthy parent is saddled with student debt, which never gets wiped from the slate, no matter how destitute you might be.

In Colombia, the government was in bed with the cartel. The narcos couldn’t be beat. Just like Wall Street, just like Trump.

That’s why the Russia case is important. Because we believe in the sanctity of elections, whether Trump is President or not. We like to peel back the covers and see what’s really underneath. This is not a political game, the left playing gotcha and the right defending their team at all costs, this is a fight for the soul of our nation. And if you don’t believe it’s so, you’re sucking at the tit of corruption.

That’s right.

America’s been corrupt for a long time. Only now it’s much worse. Come on, explain how cutting taxes on the rich benefits the underclass. And I don’t want to get into tax policy, but the truth is donors want something for their money, just like the narcos.

Hell, you’ll learn more about negotiation watching this TV show than a month of C-SPAN, since no one in Congress does negotiate.

Life is a game, I tell you. And when the public believes it’s rigged, the country’s in trouble.

The American creed is you’re supposed to put your nose to the grindstone and then you can win.

But the odds can be better in the lottery, and they’re positively awful.

That’s right, you want no welfare for the kids of bad actors. You believe in personal responsibility, but what are you gonna do when one of these scions of the underclass shows up at your door with a gun, drive around in a bulletproof car?

They do that in Colombia, I’ve been there. And everybody I met in Bogota had a dead relative, assassinated. Is that the country we want to live in?

Both parties have lost control of their constituents. And the media has been denigrated to the point it’s irrelevant, no one believes anything anymore, except for the holier-than-thou educated class which doesn’t want to sacrifice. That’s right, we’re a nation plagued by NIMBYISM, and if you don’t know what that is, you’re not part of the problem. But believe me, the people working the edges do.

So how does this play out? Do the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer?

What are you going to say to the legal immigrants when Arpaio is pardoned?

What are you gonna tell people to give them hope?

Art is supposed to give us insight, reflect the human condition, but Hollywood makes superhero movies and musicians are all about sponsorships, hell, both entities even feature corporate products in their wares! No wonder the take at theatres is tanking. No wonder music does not drive the culture. Because they’re bankrupt, just like our government. We need people we can trust, who are on our side instead of fighting their petty little wars while they rape and pillage.

FARC just made peace with the government, after decades.

We can solve our problems, if we just put one foot in front of another and agree being rich does not make you smart, never mind right, and just because you have money we should not be subject to your whims.

The Dodgers might set a victory record, but most of L.A. can’t see them on television.

And who wants to go to the park when all the good seats, the skyboxes, are sold to corporations.

It’s just like getting a good ticket to the show, you’ve gotta know somebody!

But here’s a tip, watch “Narcos,” it’ll open your eyes.

And like all the subscription sites the old guard is bitching about Netflix is cheap. And we’re addicted.

That’s the American Way.

Won’t anybody in politics give us a good proposition?

Won’t any leading lights in the arts show us a way out?

Over and out.

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