Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Certain Songs #998: Low – “Just Make It Stop” | Medialoper

Album: The Invisible Way

Produced by Jeff Tweedy, 2013’s The Invisible Way wasn’t really much of a departure from the now well-established Low sound. Maybe slightly few atmospherics. Maybe slightly more piano.

That said, my favorite song on the record, the Mimi Parker-driven “Just Make It Stop,” did had something approximating a fast tempo.

Driven by a chugging guitar and pounding piano, “Just Make It Stop” was also different from my other favorite Low songs in a different way: instead of harmonizing with Alan Sparhawk, Parker harmonizes with her overdubbed self.

If I could just make it stop
I could tell the whole world
To get out of the way
If I could just make it stop

But of course, she can’t make it stop, and subsequent verses reveal just how much trouble and pain she’s in, the song gets more and more and more intense, until it eventually comes to a full dead stop as Parker hits rock bottom, literally.

Now I’m looking up
From a ten foot hole
Seeing nothing but blue sky
Shining on my soul
As I untie the chord
And untwist the knot
We could get where we’re going
If I could just make it stop

But by the time “Just Make It Stop” is over, you’re pretty sure that it’s never ever going to stop.

“Just Make It Stop” official video

“Just Make It Stop” performed live in 2013

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