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1As music technology continues to advance, artists no longer have to rely on major studios, and can instead produce music from the palm of their hands. This form of mobile production also allows artists to transcend geographic boundaries. Here we look at a list of the most affordable and effective tablets for music production on the market right now.


Guest post by Jeffrey Ulrich of Chinavisions

With the advent of technology, music producers do not really have to rely on big studios to produce music. They can do it on their own tech devices with the availability of various tablets and other gadgets. Moreover, the platforms to showcase their musical talent to a wide range of audience, without any geographical boundaries, are also easily accessible. For example, you can create a melodious track on your Android tablets and upload them on YouTube or SoundCloud. For publicizing your musical melodies, you can use your social media networks for this purpose.

Due to the wide availability of best cheap tablets, selection of the right tablet can be an overwhelming task. To make the selection easier for our readers, we have compiled a list of a couple of best tablets that can come in handy for music producers to come up with their melodious music. Let’s have a look at them.

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

This particular model from Sony Xperia is one of the best Android tablets when it comes to providing an easy platform for producing music. It is powered by Android’s Lollipopoperating system (upgradable to Nougat). Other specs include 3GB RAM, upto 32 GB of internal storage and Octa-core processor. The screen size of this tablet is 10.1 inches.

Some of the exceptional features of this tablet, which makes it suitable for music producers are its excellent sound quality, high-res music support, powerful CPU that makes it easier to seamlessly run heavy apps on it, long battery time, sharp and vibrant picture, and handy keyboard accessory. The remarkable features and the amazing design of this tablet a genuine competitor for the expensiveiPad. This tablet is compatible with various apps for producing music that can be downloaded from Google’s PlayStore. Read on to know about some of them.

Steinberg Cubasis

Although expensive, but Steinberg Cubasis is one of the best app available on the Google PlayStore to produce music easily on the Android tablets. With this app, you will have numerous audio/MIDI tracks, high-quality resolution of up to 96kHz, 24 assignable ins and outs, key editor, MIDI and audio loops built-in and much more. With all these features, making quality music becomes much easier for the musicians. However, the exceptional features come with a heavy price tag of $30. The app is also available to be downloaded Apple’s devices.

Image-Line FL Studio Mobile HD

0001Image-Line FL studio mobile HD app is another must-have app that can turn any regular Android tablet the best one for a music producer. The app boasts of some of the most amazing features including 133 instruments, a MiniSynth with 70 presets, step sequencer, pitch blending, wave editor, sampling, 10 effects, and much more. Moreover, the app also allows you to instantly upload the track on Soundcloud or share it with your friends via email or Dropbox.

Some other features that make this app a popular one are easy and fun to use; therefore, it is highly recommended for the beginners. Furthermore, it is relatively cheaper, which further adds to its popularity.

Apple iPad Pro

Released in 2017, Apple iPod Pro is the best one to be used for those who are not fond of using Android tablets. The gold color iPad comes with a Hexa-core (6 Core) processor that makes it faster and enables the music producers to come up with the best compositions by downloading the heavy apps on it this tablet. The screen size is 10.5 inch with the Retina display technology and 2224 x 1668 screen resolution. The factors that make this tablet from Apple best for musicians are the twin stereo speakers, that produce high-quality sound, and 120Hz ProMotion processing for seamlessly running multiple apps on the tablet and sharing the music that you have created on the go without any difficulty.

The unparalleled sound, crystal clear display and impeccable performance surely make this tablet a must-have for every musician.The flip side of buying Apple iPad Pro is its price. Buying this gadget may burn a hole in your pocket, that too a huge one. Having said this, the price is surely worth the impeccable features it boasts of. Some of the apps that you can download on this tablet to make quality music without any difficulty are:

Native Instruments iMaschine

A very popular app to be used on Apple gadgets, Native Instruments iMaschine can make it really easy for you to come up with melodious tunes on your iPad. With this app, you will get a handheld drum machine, 16 buttons for real-time beat production, abuilt-in library for approx. 4000 sample sounds, and above all a keyboard mode and live-mod sequencer to make the perfect music; all as per your desire. The best feature is the price; it is very affordable. Hence, you can buy it from AppStore, without disturbing your budget, and make the music you love.

Propellerhead Figure

If you have consumed your entire budget in buying the super expensive iPad pro and are left with no money to purchase apps for producing music, do not worry as Propellerhead Figure is there to your rescue. The app is free to be downloaded, which is its biggest plus point. Other great features are the ability to create music quickly and the absolutely easy to use interface. These features make this app the best one to be used by the beginners. With this app, you can play around with the music that is already included with the app or create your own. There are different key/modes that you can use to enhance the quality of the inbuilt music or the one that you have created.

The Final Word

There are various best Android tablets and iPads available in the market, but not all of them can be the ideal for you to produce the music you want with ease and convenience. The tablets covered in this article provide an easy interface and boast of high specs that makes it easier for the music producers to come up with the best tunes and melodies.

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