Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tiger/Lindsey Nudes | Lefsetz Letter

When did this become a thing?

Like the lead in “Atypical,” my goal in life was just to SEE boobies, never mind all the time, everywhere.

It’s a funny culture we live in now, one wherein the famous are merging with the hoi polloi. Did you see Ryan Adams’s twitter rant about Father John Misty?

“Ryan Adams Calls Father John Misty the ‘Most Self-Important Asshole on Earth”

Used to be we’d read about this in the gossip pages at best.

Now we see it up front and center. With the perpetrators seemingly unaware of the consequences, until they wake up and take their words down. Or, like Steve Mnuchin’s wife Louise Linton, are unable to:

“Steve Mnuchin’s Wife Has A ‘Let Them Eat Cake Moment On Instagram”

So Tiger and Lindsey are stunned, positively stunned, that their selfies are in the wild.

What possessed them to shoot and send them to begin with? Just because they could?

It appears no one has any self-restraint. Kinda like birth control in the heat of the moment. We seem unable to eradicate unwanted pregnancies and we seem to be unable to keep our selfies to ourselves. Call me a prude, but anything I don’t want to be common knowledge I don’t put in an e-mail, even to a friend. You’d be amazed how this stuff finds its way out. You type it and it lasts forever. Never put anything illegal or damaging or critical in an e-mail unless you want everybody in the world to know it, period.

As for Tiger and Linds, the truth is they were stupid. Their passwords just weren’t strong enough. Assuming they were on iPhones, this has been proven again and again, there is no server compromise. What happens is bad actors guess their passwords. Which are oftentimes linked to their personal life, the street where they grew up on, their favorite items, it’s not about length so much as GUESSABILITY!

But they’ll find the perpetrator, there are just too many digital crumbs, you can never get away with it, certainly not if you live in America, maybe if you live in Russia or a third world nation. The only people committing crimes and getting away with it these days are white collar people, who can afford attorneys to make it all go away. Other than that, there are cameras everywhere and digital bread crumbs and crime is on the way out.

So I looked. Not something I haven’t seen a million times online, only in this case Tiger and Lindsey are famous. So, they’ve coughed up a bit of privacy. That’s the price of fame. Don’t want to sacrifice, don’t be famous. But if you are famous, you’ve got to be smart.

So the truth is the internet is doing for America what hundreds of years have not. Which is to decriminalize the human body, make our country less puritanical about sex. You can see nude bodies and sex acts all over the web, all you have to do is Google (be sure to take off Safe Search, but only an oldster would be unaware of this.)

So on one hand society is expanding, on another it is contracting.

Anything does not go anymore. This is not ten years ago, when piracy was rampant and the perpetrators eluded the law. Anybody bitching about piracy today is ignorant, ignore them. Legal solutions are much easier and cost-effective. And illegal activities are trackable more than ever before.

So Tiger and Lindsey, you’re shocked, positively shocked that your photos leaked.

Well why were you sending them in the first place? Why were they sitting on your phone?

And if your answer is you should have the right to do so, that brings us back to my initial premise, that no one has any self-restraint, including celebrities.

But we’re all accustomed to nudity today. It’s no big deal. Hell, even sex tapes have lost their luster, Kim Kardashian was the last person to build a career upon one and that was YEARS ago.

So we live in a sexualized world, is that such a bad thing?

I’d say not.

P.S. But you’ve got to get the memo. That it’s not smart to flaunt your wealth or express your bile if you’re in the public eye. Funny how the internet reveals who these people truly are, oftentimes to their detriment.


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