Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Safe And Sound: 3 Ways To Keep Yourself Safe At Concerts | Music Think Tank

The best band or musical artist of the year is coming to your home town. You and your friends have the tickets and are dead-set on making the date. Before you even get there, be sure to keep in mind some important ways to stay safe while enjoying yourselves. 

Hearing Protection

Invest in some earplugs and plug them in before the concert starts. Don’t worry about looking weird or weak just for choosing to protect your hearing. You wanted those front row seats right next to the speakers but what you don’t want is to develop tinnitus from one night of extreme musical enjoyment. Hearing loss is no fun. While companies like Hearservice are built around hearing loss, it’s much nicer to maintain healthy, natural hearing. Thankfully earplugs are an inexpensive way to avoid a much more costly problem.


Keep Your Possessions Close

Even if you’ve bought your tickets in advance, if you’re attending a concert, then chances are you’re going to be bringing some extra cash along with you for drinks or possibly food and maybe even a t-shirt. While it’s admirable to support the band, you don’t want to run into a situation where your purse goes missing or the wallet you had in your back pocket gets swiped sifting through the cheering crowds. Keep your belongings close to you and find ways to keep them more secure in a group setting. Maybe bring along a messenger bag with a sling along your front, so that it can’t be easily set down and forgotten about. For those with a wallet, try to keep it in a zipped side pocket or front pocket, if possible, and not hanging half out in the open.


Drink in Moderation

Always go to your concert with a designated driver if you plan on drinking yourself. Should your entire group decide that they too are going to indulge in alcohol, be sure to call a cab or set up a time for someone else to come and pick you all up. No one should be drinking and driving after a concert or any other type of event. Not only is it not worth the possibility of getting into trouble for but it would also be endangering the lives of you, your friends, and others on the road. Over-drinking can also inhibit decision-making. Keeping a clear head in a crowded environment where you could possibly get separated from your friends is also a danger. On the same note, always stick to a friend and don’t go off on your own if it can be helped.


These are just a few of the ways you can exercise safety in a concert setting. Safety for yourself and others is highly important when engaging in a festival environment. Be sure to remember to use your best judgment and stay healthy.

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