Thursday, August 31, 2017

LG unveils MQA-enabled smartphone for higher quality audio | UNLIMITED | CMU

LG Electronics

Talking of high quality audio gubbins, LG Electronics has unveiled a new phone that, it says, will be “the first global MQA-enabled handset” – MQA being the previously reported digital format that combines higher quality audio with smaller file sizes.

The blurb bigging up LG’s new V30 smartphone, available worldwide over the next month, notes that “MQA’s award-winning technology captures and reproduces the sound of the original studio master in a file that’s small enough to stream”. It goes on: “The LG V30 handset features integrated MQA playback technology so that master quality sound recordings can be played back via the mobile device”.

Speaking for MQA, the firm’s CEO Mike Jbara told reporters: “This is a great partnership with LG because MQA’s technology – delivering quality audio in a convenient file size – truly comes into its own on the mobile device. The V30 handset raises the bar in terms of offering an all-round premium user experience”.


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