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Join The World's First Live Facebook Festival - A Call To Artists and Fans | hypebot

0001In this latest post to MusicThinkTank, we look at Right Chord Music's creation of a new type of music festival, that harnesses the power of Facebook Live, inviting bands and artists from around the world to occupy their Facebook newsfeed in an innovative live music experience.


Harnessing the power of Facebook Live, new music blog Right Chord Music has created a new type of music festival, inviting bands and artists from across the world to takeover their Facebook newsfeed.

The Takeover Festival takes place 18th, 19th and 20th August. Tune in to watch from the Right Chord Music Facebook Page.

While existing festivals have streamed live to Facebook before this is the first online only music festival exclusively using Facebook Live. RCM will grant publishing rights to performers allowing them to post directly to their page from anywhere in the world.  No travel costs, mud, dodgy promoters or queues at the bar

This isn’t the first time RCM have challenged conventions. Back in 2013 frustrated with bad promoters and bad live music experiences, they created The RCM Hangout Festival. One of the first online only music festivals using Google+ Hangouts On Air. 

On that occasion RCM streamed 27 different artists, from 4 different countries to viewers in over 20 different countries, giving independent artists access to a truly global audience. It was a huge success and even caught the attention of the BBC and Google.

“A fantastic way to discover your new favourite bands, The RCM Hangout Festival creates an innovative and engaging way to immerse yourself in a festival without leaving home.  It successfully supports new music at the same time as taking the digital coverage of events into new realm,” says Rory Connolly, Digital Editor, BBC Music Events and Introducing.

This summer we want to revisit the concept, this time using Facebook Live. Mark Knight the Founder of Right Chord Music explains. “Right Chord Music was set up in 2011 to champion the underdog, we shine a light on incredible new, unsigned, undiscovered and under appreciated music from around the world. We wanted to give these artists a stage and the largest possible audience and Facebook provides the tech to make that happen.”


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